Some inconvenient facts about the recent police shootings in the USA

alton stirling

Jim Goad writes at Taki’s Magazine about this week’s police shootings and statistics Black Lives Matter probably don’t want you to know about.

In response to the transracial Shaun King’s assertion that police murders of blacks have “never been this widespread in the history of America,” Goad retorts that

Is that true? Of course not! Police shootings of black men in the USA are down from around 100 a year in the 1960s to about 35 yearly these days. Taking into account the fact that America’s black population has roughly doubled in that timespan, on a per-capita basis, police shootings of black men have plummeted around 80% since the 1960s.

He goes on to discuss some of the more Machiavellian motives behind the media and politicians’ bleating on the case as well as the activists’ and some inconvenient facts about the victims as well as the man who murdered 5 Dallas cops and shot several others.

Read the whole thing here.

Gavin McInnes also weighed in at Taki’s on the recent outbreak of riots and the media’s incitement of them followed by admonishing viewers that the Dallas protest where the cops were murdered was in fact a peaceful protest despite what their own cameras were showing.:

The reason these reporters were acting like teachers is that’s how they see themselves. They don’t just report the news, they Voxplain it. Of course, the problem with thought control is you need to keep correcting the course. First they tell us “racism is alive and well” and we should be disgusted with our country, but when that starts a riot, they backpedal and tell us we’re overreacting. … The clowns on TV went to Cultural Marxism school so they’re not trained journalists. They’re trained socialists. This means they’re experts at propaganda and controlling the populace while having little or no interest in the truth.

Read more of Gavin’s piece here.

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