Trudeau’s Canada: A Tyranny of Decency


Two stories this week on the surface could not have been more different. In one, pictures of Justin Trudeau frolicking with the crowds at Toronto’s Pride parade. In the other, news that six cities across Canada were making legal moves to outlaw ‘Islamaphobia.’  Read More

The first thing you would presume from that, is that Canada has a severe enough problem with ‘hate crimes’ against its small muslim population, that sweeping legislation is quickly required to protect them. Not so, ‘Islamophobia’ is nowhere near a serious issue in Canada despite a rise in ‘attacks’ over the past three recorded years from 45 in 2012, to 99 nationwide in 2014, in the face of Islamic extremists waging a near constant campaign of terror attacks against Western liberal democracies in the name of the religion.


It is worth noting that 35 Catholics & 213 Jews were also ‘attacked’ in the same period. And, as you will see, the use of the term ‘attack’ should be taken broadly to be anything from social media posts; name calling / bullying, to verbal abuse. The number of actual physical attacks are very small.

In fact, the National Council of Canadian Muslims listed just six (6) incidents of physical assault for 2014 and twelve (12) incidents of attacks on property. Read Full Report

hatecrimzbyattacktype2014Read Full Article

Actually, I think we should consider these figure a success, considering the frailty of some members of any population to rationalize threat & response once they have had an ideological & religious war declared upon them by members of a religious group present in increasing numbers within their societies.

These figures, when broken down, hardly justify sweeping legislation targeting criticism of Islam or Muslims. So therefore the motivation must be political.

As we have covered previously, Trudeau’s creeping Sharia is progressive policy for all liberal democracies, it’s just that Canada under Trudeau has become so zealously progressive, that it leads the way in dangerous ideological inconsistencies.

Regardless of Trudeau’s infantile incapacity to appreciate that the gay rights he was so enthusiastically celebrating last weekend have little in common with the Islamic culture he is equally eager to provide special status for, Canada under Trudeau is leading the world in cracking down on legitimate criticism of radical Islam’s near global campaign of intolerant violence against all others.

The “Islamophobia” business is a dangerous victimology narrative used by stealth jihadists to serve an agenda, as proclaimed by a former representative of the International Institute for Islamic Thought who was present at the inception of the use of this term. Abdur-Rahman Muhammad stated about “Islamophobia”:

“This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”   Read Full Article

If Trudeau were a true Islamophile, he would know that Taqiyya permits the faithful to deceive a host and employ whatever methods available in order to facilitate the establishment of an Islamic society, and  anti-Islamaphobic legislation is designed to disarm host societies of their ability to defend themselves from creeping Sharia.

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