Justin Trudeau: The Traitor Amongst Us


Canada’s Prime Minister, the Show Pony-Pretty Boy Justin Trudeau, a Private School Educated, Millionaire Trust Fund Baby proves that Democracy ain’t nothing but a beauty pageant.

His empty platitudes and hollow promises are like candy on halloween. Popular and seemingly progressive, but ultimately will lead the country toward a life time of health decay.

His (so-called) Liberal government’s support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) strips Canada of its Sovereignty while praising the false promises of Globalization.

The ballooning of Canada’s National Debt, to pay for unneeded political gift giving will burden generations to come while crippling hard working families and businesses already strained with high taxes and government regulations.

The worship of nonsensical ideology disguised as Climate Change Science is probably the most grotesque form of propaganda used to sell the country on a Carbon Tax that is yet another form of control by an Educated Elite whose aim is to kneecap and dominate the peasant class.

His promise to reinstate Canada’s involvement in United Nation peace keeping dismisses the evidence that U.N. troops were more effective at raping women then protecting them.

In 2013, When asked what country Justin Trudeau admired most, his response was: China.

“You know,  there’s a level of of admiration I have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime…”

A round table of people from China, Taiwan, Tibet and Korea — all of whom say they suffered at the hands of China’s dictatorship — said they were insulted by Trudeau’s remarks.

Insulted, but not surprised because Justin and his late Father Pierre have always been tools of the Socialist Elite.  Their communist sympathies are well known, especially to Western Canadians who suffered under the ruinous National Energy Policy of the Elder Trudeau Government.

Let it be said Loud and Clear: Justin Trudeau is a Traitor to Canada.

Unfortunately, his good looks and popularism seems to be distraction enough for most dim witted, starry eyed Canadians. Even if he is the Devil  (albeit a handsome Devil) dressed in Santa’s clothes.

Justin however, like Santa, is not real and can’t hurt you, unless, like so many children, you believe the lie.

NY Terror Attack: Death Blow For Clinton Campaign


Two terror attacks in the U.S. over the weekend that could provide the final Coup de Grace to Hillary Clinton’s collapsing presidential campaign, after a truly awful week for the Democratic (sic) candidate.

The attacks also offered the Obama administration little room for spin, when it was reported that the assailant in the mass stabbing in Minnesota asked people if they were muslim before attacking them; an attack which the Islamic State later claimed responsibility for. Read More

Then 24hrs after a series of bombings in New York, police were engaged in a man hunt with an active Islamic terror cell, leading to a shoot-out and arrest. Read More

Meanwhile Obama appealed for people “not to give in to fear”, whatever that means in progressive language; no one really expects anyone to understand what that means anymore. More Details

These are what the Obama admin no doubt refer to as ‘unfortunate realities.’ These sort of unambiguous rapid developments provide his administration with little chance to spin any moisture out of the motive and protect Islamic extremists and their ideology from exposure to public sunlight, or even to ignore it, as they have done previously, until the world has moved on sufficiently. More

Leading them to their now well established equation of responsibility:

Terror Motive = Time Elapsed Before Reluctant Official Statement

i.e. The longer the silence from this administration, the near certainty that it is an Islamic terror attack.

As Secretary of State, Clinton has acted as the spokesperson for the deception of the American people numerous times in the past, even having the temerity to declare that “Islam has nothing to do with terror”, a statement that could only be made by someone either ideologically impaired, or in the pay of the globalist Emperor Palpatine, George Soros.


Unfortunately, blaming Donald Trump is not an option in this case, unless you are confident you can sell the idea to a dwindling audience, that his hurtful words about Islamic violence have created a self-fulfilling situation.

We’re expecting that from Clinton tomorrow.

Update: We didn’t have to wait that long:

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 12.25.10 PM.png




On The Wrong Side.


From the European migrant crisis, to Brexit and into the current U.S. election campaign, there’s a war being waged between the forces of Nationalism & Globalism, and many people have been manipulated into supporting the wrong side.

These theatres have provided the battlefield for a conspiracy of elites seeking to coerce their globalist top-down borderless societal model onto a growing grass roots nationalist resistance.

What is so bad about wanting to create the perfect borderless global society? You ask. Other than the fact that they by definition cannot be representative and therefore tyrannical, whenever governments have embarked upon utopian societal projects, the eventual cost in human life has been appalling.

The European Union is facing existential threat, thanks to the “forces of populism”, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said in his State of the Union address. But he said the threat could be overcome by doubling down on the European project. Read More

And now those on the progressive left in the U.S. are angry because they realize that their only hope is a morally bankrupt dying criminal of dynastic proportions. HuPo Hate 

Just as their hope for Europe was an unaccountable federalist elite who operate on an ideological level with little or no recourse to the hundreds of millions of Europeans they ‘represent’, stripped down behind the coercive narrative, this is a war between people and power; between David & Goliath; the forces of tyranny and freedom. How could anyone get this wrong?

So it must be a sickening feeling, that moment of realization that you are on the same side as tech giants Google, George Soros, Saudi Arabia, Oprah Winfrey, the Clinton crime dynasty and the Warfare State with its shopping list of regime change.


Hillary Clinton is a bigger criminal seeking office, than Richard Nixon was leaving it. 

Hillary Clinton has been given every possible help she can be afforded, from FBI complicity in their investigation of her email scandal (no charges – careless rather than criminal), to the tech giant Google omitting ‘Hillary’s Health’ from their top search results…


despite the stories regarding her health going from suppressed by mainstream media outlets, to managed in the space of a week. These are the people literally propping up a dead candidate unfit for office. What more evidence do you require?

So it seems a tadge rich to say the least that Hillary should brand half of Thump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’ when the people who prop her up, like the battalions of the shills that Hollywood seems to be able to produce, are a walking catalogue of justifiable contempt.


Hillary’s Health Conspiracies Go Mainstream

A week is a long time in politics. This time last week concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health branded a right wing conspiracy have today gone mainstream, as reports of her collapsing during a 9-11 memorial could not be ignored.

Hillary Clinton departed early from a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in New York on Sunday after an apparent medical issue. Read More

Last Monday, during a rally in Cleveland, Hillary had her worst coughing fit to date rendering her unable to address the crowd coherently, and even the sycophantically loyal MSNBC cut their broadcast to save her the embarrassment.

It was also during this difficulty that she appeared to produce two small green coloured eggs into a glass of water, adding some immodest credibility to the suspicion that she actually is a reptilian shapeshifter from the 5th dimension in the service of Satan.

Today, as she had to be helped into an ambulance after collapsing and losing a shoe, speculation is rife. We have always maintained that Hillary’s health is fine, it’s merely her reptilian inner being prematurely meta-morphasizing.


However, despite this speculation and the mainstream coverage it is now attracting, ‘Hillary Clinton’s health’ is strangely missing from Google’s top searches, leading to accusations that the tech giant is actively omitting the subject from search results. Read More


Which just serves to illustrate, that last week’s conspiracy theory is this week’s conspiracy fact.

CBC: Canada’s State Propaganda Service


CBC is to news sources what Safeway is to grocers – everything they sell is highly processed, heavily sweetened and contains little in the way of nutritional value.

It provides news lozenges for ‘awesome’ people who have been made dependant on decency, and old people who like living in a medicated world of fluff.

Someone recently observed that the CBC is not about Canadian programming but programming Canadians to its enlightened view of how the world should work.  Read More

Having already made no secret of its opposition to Steven Harper’s Conservatives, Trudeau’s election saw the organization pledged $675 million in funding more details transparently rendering it little more than a state sponsored progressive propaganda service. It seems futile to argue otherwise at this point, and expect everyone to retain a straight face.


With the exception of Rex Murphy, everyone at CBC should be taken outside and put out of their political misery. Even Rick Mercer should be smacked about a bit before being released to tell the story of what happened to the others.

When Hannah Ardendt spoke of the ‘banality of evil’ it’s a phase she could have crafted to describe the nation’s public broadcaster, as no one does insipid manipulation better than the CBC.

CBC sucks Satan’s progressive cock.

I am fairly confident no one embarks upon a career, or gets up every morning and says: ‘today I will suck Satan’s cock of all its progressive goodness’ by working for a state propaganda apparatus.

Like most other people, as children they had dreams; they opened presents at Christmas; had their first kiss and moved out of home, only to now find themselves operating the ovens of manipulation & misinformation as part of their daily routine – milking the sweet nectar from the cock of coercive decency; driving their kids to proudly progressive public schools in cars powered by the seed of Satan; going on vacation and charging the entire trip to the sticky halo of his love bubble, and even squeezing that sweet evil into the mouths of their children as they hold mass around the television; chanting to footage of Justin Trudeau at the Toronto Pride parade in that clinging linen shirt created by his Pinkshirts just out of shot frantically triggering spray bottles, and watched over by the giant pixelated image of a waving Hillary Clinton projected onto the side of a building, as they steer a progressive relativist course where up is down, in is out & Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

As the lies get bigger and the need to tell them more frequent, they keep living the good life their collaboration affords them whilst chanting to themselves, ‘This is good; this is the right thing to do’, as they bury the stories of rape coming out of Europe; the genocide of Christians in the Middle East; the rise in anti-semitism and execution of homosexuals.

As reality crashes in on ideology, and the quarterly terror attacks become weekly, they are now willing partners in the manipulation of millions; vilifying those who seek to retain the nation state whilst resisting the superstate, and actively sowing the seeds of an ethnic war in Europe by pimping a globalist borderless nightmare that other people have to live in, or shamelessly endorsing a criminal dynasty seeking the office of POTUS.

At this stage those dreams are distant memories, and the reality of their situation is that they have become willing tools in a grandiose deception of people they are supposed to be serving.

They have sucked Satan’s cock and now they are collaborators.

Why is CBC so biased?