Justin Trudeau: The Traitor Amongst Us


Canada’s Prime Minister, the Show Pony-Pretty Boy Justin Trudeau, a Private School Educated, Millionaire Trust Fund Baby proves that Democracy ain’t nothing but a beauty pageant.

His empty platitudes and hollow promises are like candy on halloween. Popular and seemingly progressive, but ultimately will lead the country toward a life time of health decay.

His (so-called) Liberal government’s support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) strips Canada of its Sovereignty while praising the false promises of Globalization.

The ballooning of Canada’s National Debt, to pay for unneeded political gift giving will burden generations to come while crippling hard working families and businesses already strained with high taxes and government regulations.

The worship of nonsensical ideology disguised as Climate Change Science is probably the most grotesque form of propaganda used to sell the country on a Carbon Tax that is yet another form of control by an Educated Elite whose aim is to kneecap and dominate the peasant class.

His promise to reinstate Canada’s involvement in United Nation peace keeping dismisses the evidence that U.N. troops were more effective at raping women then protecting them.

In 2013, When asked what country Justin Trudeau admired most, his response was: China.

“You know,  there’s a level of of admiration I have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime…”

A round table of people from China, Taiwan, Tibet and Korea — all of whom say they suffered at the hands of China’s dictatorship — said they were insulted by Trudeau’s remarks.

Insulted, but not surprised because Justin and his late Father Pierre have always been tools of the Socialist Elite.  Their communist sympathies are well known, especially to Western Canadians who suffered under the ruinous National Energy Policy of the Elder Trudeau Government.

Let it be said Loud and Clear: Justin Trudeau is a Traitor to Canada.

Unfortunately, his good looks and popularism seems to be distraction enough for most dim witted, starry eyed Canadians. Even if he is the Devil  (albeit a handsome Devil) dressed in Santa’s clothes.

Justin however, like Santa, is not real and can’t hurt you, unless, like so many children, you believe the lie.

4 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau: The Traitor Amongst Us

  1. Great article. I like your writing.

    You can thank women and young people (stupid ones) for saddling us with this brain dead idiot. The people who voted in the most superficial aspects of the trust fund baby’s campaign, instead of thinking rationally about his experience (nothing) and his policy ideas (drivel).

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  2. I am beginning to think all our politicians in Ottawa are nothing but a joke; there to pick up a pay cheque and counting the days until they can collect their gold plated pensions. With all the lawyers there polishing seats; why the hell are they not bringing investigations and lawsuits against trudumb and the LIEberals on grounds of sedition and treason? If placing poorly vetted rapeugee/terrorists on military bases is not an act of treason I don’t know what is! Built in security, weapons and ammunition cache, communication and surveillance equipment, etc. Perfect strategy to overthrow a country, or instill martial law. trudumb and John McCallum openly admitted to working with George Soros (known destroyer of countries economies, and the author of UN agenda/21/30 and perpetrator and financier of the moslem invasion of Europe).


  3. The elder Trudeau was a mean son of a gun but at least he was smart to some extent. He did not pass the latter to his son though, who is as dumb as one possibly could be.
    Mindless puppet, perfect for times of globalization and multiculturalism. Remember old Roman principle, “divide and rule”?
    Here we are: no nation, no unions, no religion or family: only groups of contradicting interests the ruler can set against each other at will. No resistance whatsoever…
    And ruler as stupid as population voting for him…
    That is where we all going. Orwell had no idea…


  4. Trudeau’s urban toronto base are the massive numbers of pigeon english speaking deadbeat unskilled barbarian hordes from the third world that Trudeau brought here for one purpose and one purpose only, to vote liberal. As long as he is bringing 600,000 third world immigrant votes and their extended family village into Toronto every year there will be no democracy. It is like China and Russia where the elections are a sham and the outcome a forgone conclusion.


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