NY Terror Attack: Death Blow For Clinton Campaign


Two terror attacks in the U.S. over the weekend that could provide the final Coup de Grace to Hillary Clinton’s collapsing presidential campaign, after a truly awful week for the Democratic (sic) candidate.

The attacks also offered the Obama administration little room for spin, when it was reported that the assailant in the mass stabbing in Minnesota asked people if they were muslim before attacking them; an attack which the Islamic State later claimed responsibility for. Read More

Then 24hrs after a series of bombings in New York, police were engaged in a man hunt with an active Islamic terror cell, leading to a shoot-out and arrest. Read More

Meanwhile Obama appealed for people “not to give in to fear”, whatever that means in progressive language; no one really expects anyone to understand what that means anymore. More Details

These are what the Obama admin no doubt refer to as ‘unfortunate realities.’ These sort of unambiguous rapid developments provide his administration with little chance to spin any moisture out of the motive and protect Islamic extremists and their ideology from exposure to public sunlight, or even to ignore it, as they have done previously, until the world has moved on sufficiently. More

Leading them to their now well established equation of responsibility:

Terror Motive = Time Elapsed Before Reluctant Official Statement

i.e. The longer the silence from this administration, the near certainty that it is an Islamic terror attack.

As Secretary of State, Clinton has acted as the spokesperson for the deception of the American people numerous times in the past, even having the temerity to declare that “Islam has nothing to do with terror”, a statement that could only be made by someone either ideologically impaired, or in the pay of the globalist Emperor Palpatine, George Soros.


Unfortunately, blaming Donald Trump is not an option in this case, unless you are confident you can sell the idea to a dwindling audience, that his hurtful words about Islamic violence have created a self-fulfilling situation.

We’re expecting that from Clinton tomorrow.

Update: We didn’t have to wait that long:

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 12.25.10 PM.png




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