Barry Lashes Out at The Alt-Right

Barry O is obviously worried. Although it’s hard to see what he has to be worried about, all he has to do is oversee the theft of an election in November, and then he can relax. But he can’t.

In his final speech to the U.N. President Barack Obama defended the increased globalization of the world’s nations, condemning the wave of populist nationalism that was growing in the world in response. Read More He also conceded that the message the Alt-Right carries is ‘powerful.’

And here’s the thing about the ‘Alt-Right’: it’s made up almost entirely of people who were unmotivated politically or left-leaning, but have turned away from those failed policies in light of the Balkanization of Europe; the gross culture of corporate welfare, and failure of Globalization.

Barry might decry the old fashioned sanctity of sovereignty, but the nationalism he speaks of is only on the rise because the nation state is under sustained attack by progressives like him.

Every time mankind has embarked upon creating the utopian society driven by a top-down ideology, the resulting body count has, without exception, been appalling.

That’s the thing about top-down utopian societies, you eventually run out of people to kill. And there’s no reason to believe that the progressive utopia the globalists have planned for us will be any different.

If Hillary Clinton is the face of hope and the way forward, then you should fear for your children.

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