Hillary’s Health Conspiracies Go Mainstream

A week is a long time in politics. This time last week concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health branded a right wing conspiracy have today gone mainstream, as reports of her collapsing during a 9-11 memorial could not be ignored.

Hillary Clinton departed early from a 9/11 remembrance ceremony in New York on Sunday after an apparent medical issue. Read More

Last Monday, during a rally in Cleveland, Hillary had her worst coughing fit to date rendering her unable to address the crowd coherently, and even the sycophantically loyal MSNBC cut their broadcast to save her the embarrassment.

It was also during this difficulty that she appeared to produce two small green coloured eggs into a glass of water, adding some immodest credibility to the suspicion that she actually is a reptilian shapeshifter from the 5th dimension in the service of Satan.

Today, as she had to be helped into an ambulance after collapsing and losing a shoe, speculation is rife. We have always maintained that Hillary’s health is fine, it’s merely her reptilian inner being prematurely meta-morphasizing.


However, despite this speculation and the mainstream coverage it is now attracting, ‘Hillary Clinton’s health’ is strangely missing from Google’s top searches, leading to accusations that the tech giant is actively omitting the subject from search results. Read More


Which just serves to illustrate, that last week’s conspiracy theory is this week’s conspiracy fact.

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