Gin Lane, Vancouver 2016


Snoop Dogg took time out of his busy schedule this week during a visit to Vancouver to let everyone know what he thought of that most hallowed of liberal causes, the Downtown Eastside.

Obviously no one had informed Snoop that there is nothing more ‘authentic’ than poverty, and that the topic is off bounds unless you are taking about how the area is in danger of being ‘ruined’ by evil developers who would not think twice about destroying one of the most ‘vibrant’ gems of real Vancouver.

But that’s not how Snoop saw it, because people who know anything about poverty & depravation usually don’t see it that way.

“I can’t believe these muthafuckers sweatin’ me at the fucking border and they got an alleyway where they pass out needles for people to do heroin at… Y’all need to raise up off me Canada.. You need to clean this shit up out here; this is terrible bro.”

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Oh come on Snoop, it’s real and authentic, and needs to be protected so that insecure liberals can assuage the guilt of their media careers and $3000 bicycle with one gear.

Anyway, I’m sure they said the same thing about London’s Gin Lane in 1730’s – also very ‘authentic.’



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