A Vote for Hillary Is A Vote for War with Russia.


Some people support Hillary because she is a woman; others because she’s a progressive democrat. Some people hate Trump so much they would rather hand their futures to someone who has quite possibly eaten a baby.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton we believe that we have maintained a fairly consistent stance. To borrow from Bill Hicks, it’s not that we disagree with her foreign policy or her domestic policy; it’s that we believe she is a child of Satan here to destroy planet earth.


Let us just stick that flag firmly in the ground, so there is no chance of any misunderstanding in the future.

If any candidate fits the shape-shifting world of David Icke’s Reptilian elites, it’s Hillary – a candidate from a political dynasty with rap sheet that reads like an inner city gang banger.

This week Lew Rockwell, chairman of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute branded Clinton ‘the most dangerous candidate of those running from a war standpoint.’

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Hillary Clinton is a Deep State candidate, which means that more than any other candidate, yes even Ted Cruz, she is in the pocket of nefarious players who will continue to take us down the path towards war with Russia. Who by the way, if you hadn’t noticed, isn’t the real enemy here.



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