Have I Told You How Special You Are Lately?


The global elite must be really worried, worried enough to pull out the really big guns. There’ve been a but handful of times over the past few years when they have been so concerned that they have called in big players for photo calls and to deliver Op-eds in national newspapers to engage in an exercise that could only be described as desperate propaganda.

This time, with the possibility of a British exit from the E.U. (Brexit) on the cards during the looming June referendum, it fell to no other than Barrack Obama to address the readership of one of Britain’s divided newspapers on the issue, the Daily Telegraph.

“The United Kingdom remains a friend and ally to the United States like no other. Our special relationship was forged as we spilt blood together on the battlefield. It was fortified as we built and sustained the architecture for advancing stability and prosperity in Europe, and our democratic values around the globe.”

This from the man who removed the bust of Winston Churchill upon his arrival at the Whitehouse.

He went on,“The European Union doesn’t moderate British influence – it magnifies it. A strong Europe is not a threat to Britain’s global leadership; it enhances Britain’s global leadership. The United States sees how your powerful voice in Europe ensures that Europe takes a strong stance in the world, and keeps the EU open, outward looking, and closely linked to its allies on the other side of the Atlantic. So the U.S. and the world need your outsized influence to continue – including within Europe.”

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It is quite clear that the people who pull Obama’s strings have a very vested interest in the Euro Superstate dream not coming apart at the seams, starting with a Brexit that would have a domino effect leading to other nations also leaping from the sinking ship.

If you are wondering when else the panicked elites stooped to such desperation, most recently there was George Soros’s Op-ed piece in the Guardian in the wake of the November Paris attacks encouraging everyone not to give in to fear and continue faithfully with the progressive program of mass immigration from the Islamic world.  Full Article

And previous to that it consisted of a perfectly timed visit by none other than the Queen of England to the London Bullion Markets Association (LBMA) vaults,  just days after reports and rumours circulated in industry press that the vaults were virtually empty.

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