What British Muslims Really Think

On the back of Ben Shapiro’s The Myth of a Tiny Radical Minority, the former head of the U.K’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, who was responsible for introducing the term Islamophobia to Britain 20 years ago, has together with Channel 4 produced a documentary detailing research undertaken into what British Muslims really think.

To say that the once guardian of liberalism, Phillips has done an about turn in political terms, would be an understatement.

As Douglas Murray in the Spectator comments:

The Phillips piece is most important for what he himself admits. Among other things Phillips confesses that Britain has for years been telling itself a lie in relation to its Muslim populations – not least in pretending that they will blend in just like everyone else.  Read More

The Guardian went into anaphylactic shock, as it increasingly does nowadays when faced with the harsh realities of Islam, and found amongst other thing, five muslims who didn’t like the programme willing to give it a 0-5 rating. Enjoy

All joking aside, it is essential sober viewing from Phillips, the progressive equivalent of the former persecutor of Christians formerly known as Saul.


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