CBC: Trudeau’s Ministry of Truth

CBC Is Not Your Friend…

I know it acts like your friend – it’s got a soothing voice, says nice things and reminds you that you’re a good person. It cozies up to you on road trips and keeps you company whilst you bake muffins – Anna Maria Tremonti letting you know what the cool kids are up to; Sheila Rogers wrestling with new ideas.

But it’s all just an illusion.

CBC would like to think that they are the only thing between you and Canadians going full Nazi death camp guard. That without CBC’s constant vigilance against the inherent racism of white people, that you’d be rushing to throw babies into ovens, and well… voting Conservative.

You’ve got to be protected from that urge, and in order to do that CBC has assembled an army of condescending menopausal cat ladies and brave new world crypto-communists to steer you towards the correct way of thinking. I mean, you want to be a good person right? CBC wants you to be a good person, and Justin Trudeau’s government wants you to be a good person too. So much so, that Trudeau is willing to provide CBC with $1.2 billion per year to ensure that you only have good thoughts. 

Instead of being a public service it was designed to be, Canada’s publicly funded news network is now a state propaganda apparatus, whose true purpose lies in its content & bias. And you don’t need a college education to spot it… In fact nowadays, it actually helps if you haven’t been ideologically re-programmed with a university education.

Warning: This next paragraph contains sensitive material that some readers might find shocking.

CBC seeks not to unite Canadians, but divide them through the promotion of identity politics. (What?) There is nothing unifying about splitting citizens into disparate groups all jostling for position on the totem pole of special interests, which is what CBC does on an hourly basis. 

Don’t believe me? Here’s a simple test you can do: See how long you can listen to CBC Radio without them referring to LGBTQ; how awesome Islam is, or how bad white people are – the record so far is 6 minutes and 42 seconds.

When you see the world through a lense of racial identity, guess what? YOU are the racist. Regular people don’t think like that, they have to be trained to.

CBC is Radio Rwanda in a Mumu – Hutu Hate Lite.

CBC has only one friend, and it’s not you – it’s their globalist masters and the errand boys like Trudeau, who act as middle men for CBC’s access to public funding. It’s quite brilliant when you think about it: the public paying for their own ideological re-education. This is a level of political cynicism that would make even Stalin blush.

CBC wouldn’t recognize objective journalism in a police line up; they met once.. maybe, in the 1980’s at a party in East Vancouver; since then they’ve been existing on a steady diet of Satan’s jizz whilst worshipping a dreamy image of Justin Trudeau at Toronto Pride and steering a course where up is down, silence is violence, & Islam has nothing to do with terror.

The reality of their situation is that they have become willing tools in a grandiose deception of people they are supposed to be serving.

People say, you have a problem with CBC, fine, don’t listen to it. But it’s not as simple as that is it? CBC receives over a billion dollars in public funding annually. We need to just let that sink in for a moment… They are not purchasing F35 fighters as part of a defence procurement; they make radio & TV programs. Shitty ones at that – have you ever watched Kim’s Convenience or listened to The Debaters? 

When Trudeau came into office in 2015 he pledged another $675 million for CBC over 5 years – 75 million in 2016 & $150 million annually until 2021. Instead of the billion I hear you ask?  No, on top of that. At this stage, CBC are paid up mercenary foot soldiers in Trudeau’s tyranny of decency and ‘looming’ Public Health apartheid. They have reduced themselves to little more than state propaganda for a Globalist vision of the utopian society.

When Hannah Ardendt spoke of the ‘banality of evil’ it’s a phase she could easily have crafted to describe the Canada’s’s public broadcaster – a re-education department run by menopausal white women, whose idea of Islamic extremism is binge watching all six seasons of Little Mosque on The Prairie.

CBC is to news sources what Safeway is to grocers – everything it sells is highly processed, heavily sweetened and contains little in the way of nutritional value. It should really carry a government health warning.

Warning: this product is only intended for awesome people who don’t want to be ‘on the wrong side of history’.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of history now do you?

How to Refuse a Globalist Vaccine

There have been a lot of articles written recently on the Covid vaccines and the awesomeness of getting one. Much of what has been written in the mainstream media feels very much like Barrack Obama’s plea to the British people on the eve of the Brexit vote to remain in the E.U. – ‘Well, now I am suspicious.’

They are desperate, scratch the surface and you can smell their fear; they need enough people to take one of their experimental vaccines. The fact that a number of them contain mRNA technology doesn’t matter, ‘trust us’ they say, ‘…we wouldn’t lie to you.’ 

Previous articles written on the subject of polite refusal have centred around the possibility that vaccines contain aborted fetal cells, or may induce an adverse reaction. But I want to offer an alternative that employs the woke logic of the day; something they cannot argue against without their identity politics manufactured reality collapsing with it.

And it’s quite simple. When HR or your employer asks for a record of your vaccination, you simply tell them that you identify as vaccinated.

Inform them that you consider your vaccination status to be a non-binary issue and that you identify as 99.97% vaccinated – which, by the way, is almost exactly the survival rate of Covid 19. Then inform them that you expect to be treated like any other vaccinated person, and that you will consider a failure to do so as a breach of your Human Rights under the charter.

They will most likely say something like, ‘It doesn’t work like that.’ 

At which point you reply, ‘That’s exactly how it works.’

Then they will disappear to consult and conspire like the secular Pharisees they are, but ultimately they will find it very challenging to argue against a logic they have built their house upon.

And from that point on, you will be one of a growing number of Trans-Vaxxers.

A Road Map To Genocide

‘Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder’ – Stefan Molyneux

At first this appears to be a rather grandiose statement, but upon reflection, it is both sober and chilling.

As Molyneux suggests, Cancel Culture removes the subject from society – both digitally and in societal terms, but what is striking is how the unfolding Covid restrictions would provide a logistical framework for mass removal.

Consider what they already have set up under the auspices of fighting Covid: gathering & travel restrictions; complete control over the economy; fines for non-compliance; big tech censorship of dissent; weaponization of the narrative, weekly shutdowns with zero recourse or accountability, and now.. ‘health passports.’

What we are actually living under, is a pilot scheme for global tyranny, and it is not hard to identify the various phases of our enslavement and selective eradication.

Let’s say you wanted to get rid of all the bad people who don’t buy your globalist narrative – who voted for Brexit or Trump; who took issue with their children being ideologically re-programmed – all the people who saw through the catalogue of lies from 9/11 to Libya and beyond, into a pandemic with a survival rate of 99.7% and a coercive experimental vaccine. These people are keeping you from realizing your utopian techno-feudal society of 2030, and in order for it to be realized, they will either have to be re-educated, or eliminated.

So how do you get a society to turn on a non-compliant group within? Unfortunately given the alarming rate of progress already made, much of what I describe next will already be familiar.     

When it comes to the targeting of a group for removal and extermination, you first need to isolate them from everyone else. We can already see how plans for vaccine passports and the narrative concerning ‘anti-vaxxers’ is starting to identify the target demographic. All this ‘vaccines will not be mandatory; it’ll be your choice’ is a lie. Without them, you will not be able to work or travel.

Joe Scarborough Slams “Idiots” Who Oppose Vaccine Passports: “They’re Living In Ignorance And Stupidity”

Next comes vilification – make them responsible for all of society’s ills. We are starting to hear how people who refuse to be vaccinated are ‘endangering all of us’ and are now being labeled as ‘domestic terrorists’ – the vilification of Trump supporters in the media was a warm up, and increasingly you will find the two conflated to make the most of already established narratives. This is how easy it is to transfer the manufactured villainy when you have complete control of both main stream AND social media.

Far-Right Extremists Move From ‘Stop the Steal’ to Stop the Vaccine

As I have been saying throughout the last year of Covid lockdowns: the average Canadian is only ever two CBC Op-Eds away from throwing someone else’s kids into an oven. And nothing I have seen has inspired me to retract that.

How long before your kids are targeted at school because their parents aren’t vaccinated, or you lose your job? Probably months rather than years.

How long before your woke neighbour with blue hair decides that you need to be punched in the face for not wearing a mask outside?  In some places we are already there.

How long before those same people get together and paint a big yellow V on your door for ‘Unvaccinated’ encouraged by a divisive national media?

How long before the introduction of armbands identifying the unvaccinated? The CBC articles extolling the health benefits and justification almost write themselves in this current climate.

And how long before your neighbours are standing in the street clapping as your family is carted off to a Covid facility at an undisclosed address?

How long before Trudeau’s gay gulags are transitioned into Globalist death camps staffed by ideological zealots like Antifa & BLM for the elimination of ‘fascists’?

Remember ‘Punch a Nazi!’ ? Well, it’s final destination is industrial scale mass murder.

We already see the ‘Domestic Terrorist’ badge being thrown onto anyone who dares not comply – Capitol Hill Rioters; GameStop Short Squeeze Day Traders; Anti-Vaxxers – All labeled domestic terrorists by mainstream and social media.

That’s how primed we are for genocide – in the name of safety of course, or public decency (delete as appropriate). This final part will be surprisingly easy and quick once everything else is in place.

I won’t bother referencing the obvious historical precedents, you already know them, but this time it will be more of a grotesque circus – think Treblinka adapted for screen by Dante and directed by Ru Paul:

‘Most of the camp guards were drawn from the ranks of the trans / climate activist Twitter community and sported the trademark blue hair & septum piercings of their office. They separated the Christian children from their parents to be the playthings of Hunter Biden or Lady Gaga, and for sacrifice at one of the temples in Hollywood or Washington – a grandiose petition submitted in blood to the Prince of this World.’

Satan will get his souls and the domestic propaganda departments will balance the price he demands reassuringly against the threat of Climate Change and Covid 2030. CBC will run some articles along the lines of ‘…whilst this may jar with some, what is taking place is to keep us all safe’ and the clapping seals in their eight masks will lap it up as salvation.  

Dispersal as Defiance – Rules for Radicals

In Part One I discussed buying out of a broken social contract and decoupling from systems that rely on our participation and financial support for their existence.

In Part Two, I want to address the ongoing dispersal and purge of everything right of Justin Trudeau’s sock drawer, and what effective re-organization might look like in the wake of the unfolding global coup.

The first thing I think it might be worth saying is something I have had to tell myself a number of times, and it’s definitely worth repeating:

The various events of 2020 are by definition related, as they all conspire to create the same result over a reasonably short period of time, i.e., to funnel the global population into ever tightening restrictions under unaccountable control. That much coincidence on such a scale has to be considered ‘enemy action.’

Remember when politicians had to pretend to care about you in order to secure your vote? Well, those days are now well behind us. Nowadays globalist errand boys like Trudeau and Macron, or paper tyrants like Biden, work in tandem with big tech and a Soviet-lite main stream media to serve the elites behind our sham democracies.

In this endeavor they have co-opted the woke left to be their attack dogs both on the streets and on social media, you see it daily. Napoleon is working with the bankers, and the farm is to be renamed:  ‘New World Farm – a Fascist Free Zone.’

What we are now experiencing is an undeclared war on the world’s population by the elite and their useful idiots, which leaves us to ponder how best to proceed given the rapid turn of recent events, and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families under a hybrid Huxley / Orwellian tyranny. Given that we have had little choice in the matter, I believe we should embrace the dispersal that has been visited upon us and see it as a tool of self- preservation. Right now, our main strengths are in our numbers and the poor target value that comes with being a scattered foe that has gone to ground.

As other commentators have recently expressed, conservatives need to make as many small targets as possible for the guns of a weaponized woke media and judicial systems until this phase of the purge is exhausted. It seems fruitless to offer anything of a sizeable target, whilst one by one everything of substance is being taken down.  

Rules For Radicals

From this point on, ours is a guerilla war. This is a culture that the left has grown up with and made their own. Whether we are talking physical or ideological, the left developed the handbook for guerilla tactics we see in daily operation from the likes of Antifa & BLM.

Many of those ‘activists’ might not even realize it, but the playbook they are operating from is, Rules for Radicals, written in 1971 by Chicago street activist, Saul Alinsky, which became the inspiration for young activists like Barrack Obama & Hilary Clinton.

Ben Shapiro has referred to it as essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the tactical modus operandi of the left, which you will most likely be all too familiar with from experience: controlling the narrative; weaponizing language; replacing policy disagreements for personal attacks, and holding opponents to unreasonable standards whilst operating a ‘by any means necessary’ philosophy.

Remember “When they go low, we go high” ? Well, as is routinely the case, what the left mean is the exact opposite – they are going to engage in gangster tactics, whilst holding conservatives to the strictest interpretation of the U.N’s rules of engagement, and hoisting them aloft for an ideologically subverted mass media to pour scorn on them for their bovine consumers.

The second thing the right needs to learn and quickly, is to use the weapons of the enemy against the enemy. The left have been successfully chipping away at an incumbent and established societies for decades, at some point they become the incumbent, and at that point, they start to ‘enjoy’ all the infrastructure and defensive responsibility that comes with it; something they are ill prepared for operationally, and it explains why the reality of socialism in power quickly sours and turns to totalitarian communism.

Asymmetrical Warfare

A guerilla force has the advantage of deciding when and where an engagement takes place. It also has the advantage of changing its offensive position after every engagement. This is something a force engaged in the defence of government and infrastructure cannot do. It must retain its territory and defend it from attack in a manner dictated by structure and responsibilities.

As the insurgent, you have the advantage of launching an attack via a specific method and location without warning, and before your opponent has the opportunity to respond, you can move to a different location and are prepare your next attack via a completely different medium. The advantage of never attacking from the same position twice or employing the same method in succession affords both fluidity and the element of surprise. This is something I learnt first hand whilst taking on corrupt co-operatives operating Politbureau systems of crony- socialism.

I discovered that the logic and modest operandi encountered when engaging with such groups is reliably predictable – they may not be aware that they are operating on the Rules for Radicals model, as they most likely learnt it unconsciously through exposure, but together with a lack of experience in being the incumbent target, and virtually no experience of being exposed to their own tactics, they make for both a highly predictable and large targets time and time again.


Something that scares the shit out of both the globalists and their leftist foot soldiers is the idea of an organic grassroots holy war being embraced by a resurgent radicalized right.  We have already seen glimpses of this in the media hysteria over Q Anon, and the term ‘Talibanization’ being employed to describe off-line groups of politically & spiritually motivated conservatives.

This idea that there is a growing movement on the right that believes that the world is run by a global elite engaged in child sexual abuse and sacrifice in the service of a Satanic forces has them spooked. Which begs the question: If it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory, why are they so clearly rattled by it?

‘You’ll know when you’re over the target, they’ll start throwing everything up at you.” Colonel James ‘Bo’ Gritz

The fruits of the Covid lockdowns have been the closing of all places of worship indefinitely. Cui Bono? Global economic collapse and poverty – who, or what, benefits? Everyone should be asking themselves such questions. Every time we get a glimpse behind the veil into the world of the elites we find ritualistic pedophilia and Satanic symbolism: Jeffrey Epstein’s Island; Anthony Weiner’s laptop; Podesta’s E-mails; Hunter’s laptop, the ex-Prince Andrew, etc.

The Symbolism of the Elites

There is enough circumstantial evidence to support the understanding that the elites of this planet are engaged in ritual Satanic worship and abuse of children, and that they fear two things, 1: Universal exposure, and 2: An enemy who understands they are in a battle with evil, and are spiritually driven to defeat it. It is this latter point that strikes fear into the godless foe. 

Saul Alinsky might have harnessed the ‘by any means necessary’ Chicago street thuggery for the left, but if conservatives embrace the spiritual warfare dynamic of this conflict, what emerges from wreckage of the Republican party in the wake of the election coup, would be an enemy to be truly feared.

Keeping it Local

The war of the flea is now ours. It is one that is flourishes under suppressed grassroots support and enjoys broad-spectrum asymmetrical engagement. This can take a myriad of forms from localized lo-fi economic warfare to the kind of direct action honed by the elite’s foot soldiers and routinely excused by the media as ‘mostly peaceful protests.’

Don’t Feed the Beast  

In part one I discussed buying out of enemy institutions – those who actively or tacitly support both political & public health driven tyranny, and of buying into nothing more than necessities on a local level. If the Globalist elite want their Great Reset, it is well within our collective capabilities to ensure that is does not happen on their terms. Through asymmetrical economic warfare – ceasing support for organizations that do the bidding of the elites and who support the suffocating Covid shutdowns, we can work independently and in small groups to effect massive change.

As we have seen in recent weeks, sometimes an act of defiance can be something as simple as buying physical silver or investing in a favoured shorted stock. It might not look like much, but if everyone went out and bought a couple of ounces of physical silver for example, the Wall St. banks that short silver and gold on an industrial scale in order to prevent inflationary reality being visited on the U.S. dollar would be unable to deliver on contracts without suffering crippling costs.

The financial guardians would of course work to move the goalposts in order to prevent independent day traders from engaging in the sort of market manipulation they have mastered, but it would not be without cost, nor exposure of the rigged casino economy they operate and profit from.

Rather than see ourselves in a depressingly tightening noose, we can choose to embrace the reality that has been imposed upon us, and the advantage it offers. We need to recognize the true nature of the enemy we face, connect with faith in the fight, and employ the weapons they have left us with to wage a global citizen’s war against tyranny.  

Decoupling as Defiance – Opting Out of a Broken Contract.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year like no other in living memory – a Corona virus; global lockdowns; a stolen U.S. election & big tech crackdown – in a normal year any one of these would be the defining event.

However, I don’t think anyone truly believes that these monumental events are mere coincidences; the fact that they happened in the same relatively very short period of time suggests ‘intelligent design.’ The only thing that anyone should be shocked by, is just how rapidly these events have unfolded.

 ‘Everything in an election year is about the election.’    Tucker Carlson

In less than a year, an frail career swamp creature is president; the capital has been transformed into a fortress; a faux pandemic has closed down society; big tech now controls what you can say; the global economy is being collapsed before your eyes, and throughout all of which, the media have acted as party enforcers rather than the guardians of accountability, branding anyone who strays off the well-beaten narrative as a ‘domestic terrorist.’

Covid 19: Reasons to be Fearful of the Narrative

Then, just three hours after Biden’s inauguration, the WHO organization announces that, in an effort to eliminate a high number of false positive Covid 19 test results, they are going to raise the PCR test threshold, making way for an immediate drop in recorded cases worldwide. And just like that, Covid 19 starts to recede as a public health threat.

Already it seems clear that the Biden administration will not be hobbled in the same way Trump’s was, but it will need the $1.9 trillion already allocated to bail out failed city states like Chicago, New York & California, where local party potentates started calling for bars and restaurants to reopen on 15th January; the logic being, according to Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago:

“People are engaging in risky behaviour that is not only putting themselves at risk, but putting their families, their co-workers, and other ones at risk. Let’s bring it out of the shadows. Let’s allow them to have some recreation in restaurants, in bars, where we can actually work with responsible owners and managers to regulate and protect people from COVID-19,”

Similar calls were also made by both Bill De Blassio of New York and Gavin Newsom in California.

Did you get that? Now that Joe Biden is to be president, we need to open the economy back up. Timing, as they say, is everything. Either these people think we are stupid, or they don’t care because they know it no longer matters.

Yes, no one cares what you think anymore; did you notice the shift? Big tech and the MSM have made that very clear; it’s just ‘shut up and stay indoors’, whilst we collapse society in front of your eyes under the pretence of a public health crisis.

In 2016 the people voted for the wrong candidate; in 2020 they made sure normal service was resumed.  Now the right people are back in charge and we are being treated to a reveal party for the forces of demonic tyranny that David Icke has spent the past 30 years warning us about. The fact that a significant percentage of the population is now disenfranchised does not matter to them; the trinity of kleptocratic diet Soviets, Big Tech and Soros planted lawmakers are now in the process of altering the political landscape permanently in their favour.

Those who challenge the official narrative are now labelled ‘domestic terrorists’ and pursued through the media & courts. This alone should be a clear indication that we are dealing with a tyranny; only tyrants brand anyone who does not agree with them as domestic terrorists – it says more about the accuser than it does the accused.

However, it fell to the last sane member of the Democratic Party, Tulsi Gabbard to point out what impotent swamp RINO’s should have been saying in light of the naked persecution of political opponents.

Gabbard pointed to a video of Brennan telling MSNBC that Biden’s nominees and appointees “are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can” regarding activities that he said were reminiscent of “insurgency movements” that have risen up in other countries.  In the same interview, Brennan likened libertarians to “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, [and] nativists.”

More Questions Than Answers

So where does this leave us? What, if any, influence do people have left?

Why would people who believe that their election was stolen from them continue to buy into a social contract that has robbed them of their collective voice? What incentive do they have?

Why would they bother to invest their time in the country and offer support to the systems that provide it with life and legitimacy?

As parent, why would anyone bother sending their kids to join the military under a Biden presidency, or for that matter, to defend any one of the woke theocracies that western liberal societies are rapidly becoming?

What would they be defending? The rights to a conveyor belt of Middle East regime change? The rights to forced migrant quotas created by those regime changes? And who would they swear allegiance to: the Globalist Elite and their pedo-kleptocracy?

Why would anyone continue to buy into disintegrating societal systems run by an illegitimate career criminals like Biden, or a Globalist twinkies like Trudeau?

Why would anyone continue to buy into their rigged casino economy, just to keep the patient artificially alive?

And the answer of course is: you wouldn’t. You would start to decouple from their tyranny of lies and abuse as quickly as humanly possible. And your certainly wouldn’t send your children to defend such putrid creatures.

Let the Islamic refugees and the transgender circus people fight it out for poll position in Trudeau’s or Biden’s dystopian freak show of a society.

All the rest of us have is protest and our ability to buy out of systems that require our support to exist. And that is the only voice we have left.

If They Fear You, They Won’t Fuck With You

Let’s get something straight: We are never going back to ‘normal’. Anyone who thinks we are at this stage is either deluded, or completely ignorant. What we need to figure out is our part in this ‘new normal’.

As the recent short squeeze rescue of failing businesses from the jaws of hedge funds has reminded us, we have no voice and no power other than our collective defiance. This recent action by day traders coming to the aid of their favourite stocks shows us what defiance against globalist tyranny could look like.

In early January, Former Trump Adviser, Steve Bannon floated the idea of a ‘commercial fast’; that patriots and conservatives stop purchasing and ‘hibernate’ as he called it, rather than continuing to feed the beast of oppression.

“You should obviously buy food, you’ve got to buy necessities, but it’s time to understand—your votes count, but your dollars count even more. And there’s two ways dollars go: taxes—let’s not go there yet, let’s just go to commercial spending. All MAGA world is going to sit there and we’re going to hibernate. There’s no need to buy anything right now outside of basic necessities,” (Full Article)

And that means that we have to re-evaluate every one of our relationships and service subscriptions. That means everything.

Those that have silenced or vilified us should no longer enjoy our engagement or support.

That means not shopping with Amazon; getting rid of Twitter; Facebook & Google; cancelling cable T.V; looking at who you bank with; for some people determined enough, that will mean pulling their children from a public school system that prioritizes ideological re-programming over education, and home schooling instead; looking at how your place of worship handled the crisis – did they stand up to tyranny and hold services despite the fines, or did they quietly close their doors and fail in their one duty before they had even been tested?

In light of what has taken place, all of these relationships should be on the table for review.

We have nothing left but our ability to buy out of contracts that require our involvement, and make trouble for 21st century tyrants by waging an asymmetrical guerrilla war against their assets. This war however, will have to be played out in theatres such as the economy; local governance; our religious communities & independent media.

Big tech might have scattered us; the mainstream media alienated us, but a scattered enemy that has gone to ground is a poor target. Trump was the lone voice, what emerges from the wilderness will be an evolved movement shorn of RINO’s and career politicians – lean, conservative, faith driven and comfortable operating within the guerrilla politics of the enemy. We must learn to take the weapons systems and operational tactics that the cultural Marxists employed against our target societies, and re-deploy them against our oppressors.

Too many people are still content to play along, hoping that one day they will get to go back to normal, unaware that they are the frogs in the parable, slowly being boiled in this Luciferian soup. This last point might be a stretch for some, but let it be understood: The people responsible for 2020 are in the service of evil. Satan now occupies the thrown of power through his NWO elite, and they are about to prosecute a war against everything of substance and good in this world.

The Great Break

In the late 1920’s Stalin embarked upon a program devised to eliminate the Kulaks – peasants of modest means who had risen to property ownership. The endeavour was the creation of the Soviet Central Committee and was termed, The Great Break. 

‘If a man had a brick house in a row of log cabins, or two-storeys in a row of one-story houses – there was your Kulak: Get ready you bastard… this is our great plan for transforming the country: history has never seen anything like it.’

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – The Gulag Archipelago

However, according to Solzhenitsyn, the true purpose of The Great Break, was not to de-Kulakize, but to force the peasants into the Kolkhoz – collective farms; to remove them from the land that the Revolution had given them, just long enough to get them to sign up to a new deal that placed them back onto the same land, but now as serfs.

Those who did not apply, or were stubborn, were simply marched off into the wilderness in their tens of thousands to die of starvation & disease. The guards plucked whole communities from the land at an hour’s notice, packing them up onto carts and trucks – women, children & the elderly, driving them off into the wilderness to hastily erected camps. In total it is estimated that 15 million people were eradicated of in two years.

Those who remained were signed up to a new deal with reduced benefits.  

Now, nearly a hundred years later, we are being prepared for another new deal with a similar title, that serves the modern day version of the Central Committee – the World Economic Forum’s and their Great Reset – a pre-pandemic economic reset for the unsustainable debt based financial system & more.

Klaus Schwab, the Chairman of The World Economic Forum (WEF) authored a vision of a new deal for the world entitled… The Great Reset, and the WEF even had a video on its website (since removed), in which it describes what the world will look like in 2030 under The Great Reset. It is purposefully vague in regards to specifics, but it opens with: ‘What will the world look like in 2030? You will own nothing, but you will be happy…’

In September of 2020, during a video address to the U.N., Canada’s globalist errand boy & Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau admitted that ‘…this pandemic has offered a reset; this is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to re-imagine economic systems that actually address global challenges.’

Starting to sound familiar?

So, the obvious question is: who will own all the stuff we currently own? The Central Committee? The Party?

Thanks to the benefits of over 12 years of bail-outs and zero percent interest rates, this time around it looks like everything on planet earth is going to be owned by a small elite of woke and ultra wealthy feudal lords; people like Bill Gates, who is reported to have become one of the largest farmland owners in the U.S.; together with the Lex Luther of Online shopping, Jeff Bezos, and real world Tony Stark – Elon Musk.

After the Financial Crisis of 2008 it became clear that the global debt based economy was unsustainable. All it was waiting for was a Black Swan event to send it into a tailspin. Better to have the global elites collapse it safely under their supervision and replace it with something that ‘serves humanity.’

The Central Banks, World Bank & IMF all fully appreciated this, whilst they propped up a dead economy with money printing (Q.E) in order to give the illusion that the patient was still alive – millions became billions, which in turn became trillions.

As former Secretary for Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts puts it in a recent interview: ‘When the banks and those at the top are getting their money essentially for free – at near to zero percent interest, and you are being charged 16%, eventually they are going to own everything, and you will own nothing.’  

What Covid 19 has provided is an opportunity to reset the world financial system on a utopian model that also incorporates our next evolution into the fourth industrial revolution, and our inevitable assent into a trans-human future. It sounds like science fiction, and some will no doubt be excited by such a prospect, but there is little that we have seen from our utopian architects to suggest that it will be any better than the deal offered by the Soviet Central Committee back in 1929.

For those who sign up to the new Kolkhoz, the future will be one of inclusion and relative safety as serfs under the protection of a techno-feudal elite and one world government. But for those who fail to sign up to The Great Reset; who are stubborn and refuse to be vaccinated or chipped?

They will be driven out into the wilderness like their predecessors; denied the right to travel; trade or engage in society; their unvaccinated children will be denied education; they will be impoverished, and then caste out into small far flung communities to succumb to poverty & disease.  

The Deep State Meat Grinder In Need Of Constant Feeding

It should be apparent to an ever growing number of people right now, that the people who run our societies in the West do not have our best interests at heart.

I’m not talking about the people you vote for, I’m talking about the people who really run things and direct policy across the entire spectrum of western liberal democracies; common policies that effect all our societies regardless of individual circumstance.

Open door immigration policies are a good example of this: waves of destabilizing migration that no one voted for and no one was consulted on before quiet introduction. These engineered coercive programmes  are common to all western liberal societies regardless of their individual circumstances. And nothing creates a heavy flow of migrants better than regime change and war. In this department, our shadow globalist governments clearly have a healthier appetite for the steady flow of of middle east regime change, most their populations find increasingly hard to stomach.

That’s where their remoras in the deep state media come in; CNN; MSNBC & the NY Times et al. were all onboard, and if you aren’t yet, there’s something wrong with you; you’re a fascist or conspiracy theorist or something (delete as appropriate). The only person you could find railing against this harried & questionable action into potential war with a nuclear power was Tucker Carlson.

During this current headlong lunge into war in Syria, it should be acutely obvious to anyone with a modicum of awareness, that public opinion is being massaged into accepting yet another toppling of a middle east strongman in order to transform what was a relatively stable society into a jihadi playground.

Regime change equals power vacuums, regional instability, and Islam rushing in to fill the void. Libya Iraq & Syria all stand as testaments to this.

The globalist deep state governments of the west also have an unhealthy relationship with Islamic terror & extremism. It’s relationship of mutual interests that goes back to the 1980’s of Zbigniew Brzezniski & the Afghan Mujahedin (his daughter, Mika Brzezinski btw, currently cheerleads for deep state media outlet MSNBC). Whilst ISIS were only defeated after Trump turned off the cash and equipment tap that Obama had running for them.

Currently, the U.S. is supporting ‘moderate rebel groups’ in Syria that also happen to be Islamic extremists, who have vowed to eradicate the Christian & Alawite populations if they get the opportunity. Assad is the only thing sitting between them and the genocide of these ancient Christian & Alawite communities of Syria.

Of course the deep state governments of the west don’t care about that. They will stand back and watch these minority groups be wiped out; refusing to grant them legitimate refugee status, whilst welcoming back unmolested, the fighters who had been engaging in their genocide, as was recently the case in Canada.

Chemical Weapons Attack Staged by Islamic Jihadi Propagandists

The conflict threatening to unfold in Syria has little to do with chemical weapons; abhorrent regimes or decency; if it did, they would be bombing Saudi Arabia for the famine in Yemen they are perpetuating.

No. This has everything to do with the shopping list of regime change General Wesley Clarke spoke of soon after the 9/11 attacks, and everything to do with being the latest battlefront in the war between deep state globalists and the nation state nationalists.

The tipping point for buying their exhausted narrative and being able to look at oneself in the mirror, has been reached. Everyone needs spend more time listening to the little voice inside and less time suckling on the sweet milk of deep state propaganda being provided by mainstream media cheerleaders like Mika Brzezinski and Steven Colbert.

Tucker Carlson Challenges Steven Colbert on Warmongering for Syria Attack

Treason: FBI & DoJ Conspired Against Trump Presidency

Let us be clear from the get go: this is the biggest political scandel in living memory. What about Watergate? No, this is bigger; this is huge!

At stake is nothing less than the integrity of the U.S. political system. Either citizens get to choose their leaders in transparent and fair elections, or the Deep State wins.

What has been exposed this week are the mechanisms of a Deep State operation; namely, that the FBI& DoJ, together with Attorney General under Obama, Loretta Lynch conspired to exonerate Hillary and set up Trump with false charges concocted by the afore mentioned parties.

The sources for this? A FISA court memo which congressional members have seen and text messages sent between senior FBI investigator, Peter Strzok & his lover, FBI lawyer, Lisa Page.

A few weeks back publicized texts between the two found themselves at the centre of a judicial congressional hearing that had some tough questions for Deputy DA at the DoJ, Rod Rosenstein.

This week ZeroHedge reported that the FISA Court memo seen by Congressional members ‘details the Intelligence Committee’s oversight work for the FBI and Justice, including the controversy over unmasking and FISA surveillance.” An educated guess by anyone who’s been paying attention for the last year leads to the obvious conclusion that the report reveals extensive abuse of power and highly illegal collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton Campaign against Donald Trump and his team during and after the 2016 presidential election.’

“Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming” FISA Memo Set To Rock DC, “End Mueller Investigation”

Since then further revelations have emerged, including more text messages between Stzork & Page that suggest the Russian Collusion investigation had no credibility; that there existed a secret society within the DoJ & FBI,  and that the decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton of charges over her email server  was made prior to conducting the investigation, and with the knowledge of then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and therefore presumably the president, Barrack Obama.

This comes on the heels of earlier revelations the senior DoJ official, Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie worked for Fusion GPS, who were paid by the Hilary Clinton campaign and DNC to produce the Trump dossier that was eventually used to justify Mueller’s investigation. Bruce Ohr has since been demoted, but the DoJ will still not answer the question posed by Jim Jordon, whether they paid for the dossier.

Wife of demoted Justice Department official worked for ‘dossier’ firm

Former prosecutor, Joe Di Genova lays it for Tucker Carlson:

Now the FBI claim that they have lost 5 months of Strzok’s texts. And in the lastest revelation, ‘a whistleblower has revealed to Congress that clandestine, offsite meetings between high ranking FBI and DOJ took place in which officials discussed ways to undermine President Trump after the 2016 election, Rep. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Fox News on Tuesday.

The bombshell revelation all but confirms a “secret society” alluded to in text messages released last Friday between two anti-Trump FBI employees tasked with investigating both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.’ 

Whistleblower Confirms “Secret Society” Meetings Between FBI And DOJ To Undermine Trump

A campaign is now underway to have the full FISA Court document released to the public, which Democratic lawmakers are busy trying to stop.

Last week, a four page memo detailing FBI abuse of FISA warrants against the Trump campaign was circulated within the US House of Representatives.

Amid calls from several Congressional Republicans, the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo immediately went viral.

In an effort to downplay genuine public concern, a “Russian propaganda” tracking website used primarily by Democrats and Neoconservatives has suggested that #ReleaseTheMemo went viral thanks to Russian bots.

California Reps. Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff sent a letter to Facebook and Twitter CEO’s on Tuesday, asking that they take action against the Russian scourge.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s internal analysis of the hashtag has thus far found that authentic American accounts, not Russians, are driving #ReleaseTheMemo, according to The Daily Beast

Democrats Demand Twitter, Facebook Crackdown On #ReleaseTheMemo “Russian Bots”, There Is Just One Problem…

What we have unfolding before us is nothing short of treason.

That senior officials within the law enforement & justice dept sought to cover up the crimes of one candidate, whilst fabricating evidence against the other, and then to pursue the undermining of his subsequent presidency is not only high treason, but also revealing of how the Deep State operates; and that former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch; former FBI Director James Comey, and President Barrack Obama were complicit in criminal attempts to put Hillary Clinton in the highest seat of public office.

Banging these Deep State operatives up should be Trump’s top priority.


Terrorism in Canada: A Tale of Two Cities

A rather bizarre, but none-the-less, serious terror incident unfolded last month in Ontario. It involved an Egyptian man wearing a suicide vest, who took a bank full of hostages and demanded to speak to Donald Trump.

However, you would be excused if you had not heard about it, as the public broadcaster, CBC failed to honestly inform the public of these details, despite being the recipient of $1.2 billion of tax payers money per year to do just that.

Here’s how the Toronto Sun reported the incident:

Vaughan hostage taker wore suicide vest, demanded to speak with Trump

‘Demanding to talk to United States President Donald Trump, the 25-year-old man had nine bombs strapped to a suicide vest, a detonator in one hand and a gun in the other.

And he was threatening to use his entire arsenal inside an RBC branch — at the corner of Major MacKenzie Dr. and Dufferin St. in Vaughan — where he had up to 13 hostages Wednesday.’   Read Full Story

Contrast that with CBC’s report on the incident:

Hostage situation at Vaughan, Ont., bank ends after police fatally shoot armed man

‘The province’s police watchdog is now investigating after York Regional Police officers shot and killed an armed man who entered a bank in Vaughan, Ont. Wednesday and took more than a dozen hostages.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is called in whenever someone is killed or injured during an interaction with the police.’   Read More

The first noteworthy observation is the very specific details included in the Toronto Sun version of this story; details which are essential in drawing a comprehensive picture and crucial to determining motive: this individual wore a suicide vest; was originally from Egypt and demanded to speak to U.S. President, Donald Trump.

Rule #1: Ideological motivation equals terrorism. That last detail in itself suggests a political motivation, mentally illness not-with-standing.

The other point to make, is that ommission of such important details follows a pattern already well established by CBC, in which they consistently don’t report details that may lead to suggest the Muslim identity of a criminal, or their motivation when Islam was a factor.

Instead, CBC from the opening line of their article chose to make this story all about the potential for a police shooting investigation and in doind so, chose to ignore the real story.

Most of the details missing from the CBC version were already confirmed by police. So why would CBC chose to play down and omit important details that mislead the public and frame the event in a dishonest and unrepresentative angle?

To find the answer to these questions, Canadians need to stop seeing CBC as a journalistic organization devoting to exposing the truth for their consumers, and instead start seeing them as a state funded propaganda apparatus engaged in a progressive re-education program; in which, a story about an Eyptian man with a suicide vest and a bank full of hostages demanding to speak with the President of the United States, becomes a story about the process of internal investigation after a police shooting.

The Fash Mark: Right Wing Crypto-Currencies Enter the Market



As Crypto-currencies continue their meteoric rise, today saw the launch of the first politically driven crypto-currency, the Fash Mark.

As the name suggests, The Fash Mark is a right wing currency created to capture the political & economic will of a growing number of people across Western societies who wish to invest in crypto-currencies ethically.

Unlike Bitcoin, which employs complicated algorithms to ‘mine’ for units, leaving behind open pits and a large environmental footprint, the creators of the Fash Mark claim they are have been able to create units of currency from collecting all the liberal tears and melting snowflakes of 2016 in vast reservioirs, before forcing them at high pressure into hydro-electro pumps, which then churn out environmentally clean fascist crypto-currencies: Fash Marks.

The people behind the Fash mark are reported to have made their fortune during the great Meme War of 2016, after which the bottom fell out of the liberal tears & melting snowflakes market.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine earlier this month, founder Otto Skorzeny said:

‘After the election of Trump, there were parts of California that had’t seen rain in months that were suddenly a foot under water with liberal tears. In the past companies had collected them to sell as an assault rifle lubricant, but the sheer volume we saw on November the 9th was a strain on the sewage system.

I realized that the salty bitch tears of progressives was perfect for the hydro electro-turbine I had been working on for creating an environmentally sound crypto-currency.’

When asked how many Fash Marks will be created, Skorzeny gave this reply:

‘We haven’t set a limit; it’s down to how many tears and how much melting snowflake water is produced and can be collected. Basically the more liberals and the left whine and bitch, the more Fash Marks will be created.’