Brexit: May Declares ‘Bring It Bitchez!’


Theresa May went all Game of Thrones during her address at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Sunday, as she basically told E.U. federalists to ‘Bring it!’

In a clear display of Elizabethan sovereign defiance in the face of constant E.U. bullying & threats since last June’s vote, May laid to rest any uncertainty and stated that Britain would leave the E.U. no later than 31st March 2017, with full exit completed by early 2019.

“Let me be absolutely clear, there will be no unnecessary delays in invoking Article 50; we will invoke it when we are ready, and we will be ready soon. We will invoke Article 50 no later than the end of March next year.”

May’s Conservatives have embraced a ‘hard exit’, which means there will be no soft landing for Britain, but made it clear that control over immigration was a non-negotiable.

Addressing Conservative conference for the first time since becoming Prime Minister, Mrs May made clear that border controls are a red line in the Brexit negotiations, saying that, “we are not leaving the European Union only to give up control of immigration again”. Full Article

It capped an awful day for the E.U., as Hungarians had earlier overwhelmingly voted to reject an E.U. migrant quota.

Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban has delivered a huge blow to the European Union after 95 per cent of the Hungarian public soundly rejected EU migrant redistribution plans.

The Hungarian referendum on the redistribution of migrants and asylum seekers by the European Union has faced an almost unanimous result among Hungarian voters. An overwhelming majority of those who cast their ballot agree with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban that Hungary should not be forced by the European Union to accept migrants via redistribution.

Read Full Article

The problems are stacking up for the federalists; lines of defiance are now clearly being drawn in the sand, and with Monday morning only hours away, they’ll now be busy getting ready for the re-opening of the Deutsche Bank rollercoaster after the weekend.  Read More


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