Brad Wall: Canada’s Last Sane Political Voice Speaks out


Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, an outspoken critic of Liberal climate-change policy, lashed out Monday at Justin Trudeau for “unilaterally” imposing a carbon price on provinces and territories.

The prime minister kicked off a House of Commons debate about ratifying the Paris climate change accord with surprise news: Ottawa will set — and enforce, if necessary — a minimum price for carbon production.

The federal plan, a “floor price” of $10 a tonne in 2018 that increases to $50 a tonne by 2022, to be forced on the provinces if they don’t co-operate, will hurt Saskatchewan the most, Wall said in a blistering statement.

“The level of disrespect shown by the prime minister and his government today is stunning,” Wall said.

“This is a betrayal of the statements made by the prime minister in Vancouver this March and this new tax will damage our economy.”

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