The Battle For Europe


Sources are suggesting that the Queen has spoken out in favour of a British exit (Brexit) from the E.U. during a lunch. Read More

Just in case there is any truth to the matter, the progressive knives came out in the federalist Independent whilst the Guardian denied the story had any credibility.

With four weeks to go before voters go to the poles, if this campaign has served one purpose, it is to highlight the rapidly polarizing nature of politics in Britain.

The Leave campaign boasts a bevy of heavy hitters from business and politics, whilst the Remain campaign has relied heavily on fear tactics; painting an apocalyptic picture of life outside of the E.U.


Life for Britain outside the E.U.

E.U. Commission President, Jean-Claude Junker lent a sober hand by threatening Britain with repercussions if they leave. Read More

As life inside the Union is increasingly looks like this:

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