European Union: Dead Man Walking


The E.U. is facing a perfect storm of its own making. Its failure to manage either the economic or migrant crises, means that opting to remain within the E.U. at this stage would be akin to throwing your lot in with the Ottoman empire at the end of the 19th Century.

Polls also suggest that any country opting out of the Euro experiment via a referendum, could act as a catalyst for others seeking to follow suit. Read More

When things get tough, as they did during the economic crisis and again during the immigration crisis, we get to see the true face of E.U. rule behind the benign facade.

Those countries who mismanaged their budgets had their leaders replaced with E.U. appointed technocrats; those countries who were not comfortable taking large numbers of migrants were informed they would take the quota allocated to them or face a fines of 239,000 Euros per person. So much for for countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Poland & the Czech Republic deciding such things for themselves.

And this week President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Junker warned British voters that they would be treated as ‘deserters’ if they voted to leave the union.

Junker, the former leader of Luxembourg must appreciate the effect his choice of words convey: that ‘deserters’ are traditionally shot. It is highly inflammatory and displays the sort of autocratic arrogance we have come to associate with E.U. ministers. Read More

Rather than avoid the spectre of war in Europe and secure economic harmony – the two objectives the E.U. was primarily set up to achieve – it has, through a progressive policy of forcing ideological pegs into cultural holes, ensured the servitude of those countries who cannot live up to economic expectations, and sown the seeds of future ethnic wars continent wide.

“I believe that the European Union is in the process of collapsing on itself for one simple reason. The two pillars on which it’s founded – Schengen and the euro – are in the process of crumbling,”  Marine Le Pen, Leader of the French National Front. Read More

In February, Hungary announced a referendum on migrant quotas imposed by the E.U.

In an unprecedented challenge to Brussels’ authority over national law, the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Oban announced the country would hold a referendum on the question. States are legally bound by decisions made in the Council of Ministers, and there is no precedent for a state putting such a decision to popular vote.

“The Hungarian government believes that neither the union nor Brussels nor the European leaders nor any European body has the authority to do this,” Mr Orban said. “We feel that introducing a settlement quota without the consent of the people is nothing but abuse of power.”

Donald Tusk, the European Council president, warned that countries rejecting refugee measures would push Britain to leave the EU, saying the crises are “strictly interconnected.”

We have entered a most dangerous time in the European history.” Donald Tusk, European Council President

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Sowing the Seeds of Ethnic War

In France, half of their armed forces are deployed on French streets to police the final stages of an experiment which, even by the more generous interpretations, has failed.  What we are seeing in France is the start of an ethnic war. People returning from Belgium after years of living in the country describe it as “fucked.”

These are the startling realities that supporters of continued Islamic immigration won’t acknowledge; continuing with the same policies and hoping for a wind change is criminally naive. It would be one thing if Islamist attacks only killed those who apologize for and excuse Islamic violence, but unfortunately they don’t.

As political philosopher, Roger Scruton points out in The Uses of Pessimism,

“Since the sixties Western countries have adopted policies in the matter of immigration that no person schooled in the elementary truths of pessimism would have endorsed. Anybody who has studied the fate of empires, and the difficulties of establishing territorial jurisdiction over communities that differ in religion, language & marital customs, knows that the task is all but impossible, and threatens constantly to break down into fragmentation, tribalism or civil war. Take the lid off multi-ethnic and multicultural empires – such as the Ottoman or communist Yugoslavia – and bloodshed and destruction ensue.”

The failure to see culture and race as considerations by those driving policy, has ensured that the conditions that developed over a thousand years in Yugoslavia, have been recreated in less than two generations in modern Europe. A European ethnic civil war is a almost a certainty at this stage, it’s now merely how big that war is.

On June 23rd people in Britain have the opportunity to set course and escape the inevitable scramble for life jackets by voting to leave the E.U.



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