Pope 2.0 Abandoning Europe to Islam


Yet further evidence that we live in an upside down world of reversed meanings & values has emerged. And rather than a progressive politician, it is Pope Francis who increasingly epitomizes this. Ask anybody what the Pope’s one job is, and top of that list would probably be ‘defending the faith.’ Especially in the European homeland.

But after calling for a one world government – the one thing you cannot do as Pope unless you are seeking to emulate the false prophet of Revelations – Pope 2.0 has now welcomed the Islamization of Europe. Read More

In 2006, Pope Benedict XVI said what no Pope had ever dared to say – that there is a link between violence and Islam. Ten years later, Pope Francis never calls those responsible for anti-Christian violence by name and never mentions the word “Islam.”

Pope Francis does not even try to re-evangelize or reconquer Europe. He seems deeply to believe that the future of Christianity is in the Philippines, in Brazil and in Africa. 

Probably for the same reason, the Pope is spending less time denouncing the terrible fate of Christians in the Middle East. Sandro Magister, Italy’s most important Vatican observer, sheds light on the Pope’s silences:

“He remained silent on the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram. He remained silent on the young Sudanese mother Meriam, sentenced to death solely for being Christian and finally liberated by the intervention of others. He remains silent on the Pakistani mother Asia Bibi, who has been on death row for five years, because she too is an ‘infidel’, and [He] does not even reply to the two heartrending letters she has written to him this year, before and after the reconfirmation of the sentence.”




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