How to Start a War in Europe


The progressive elites of Europe have a new recipe for war, and they want everyone to try it. Gone are the days of wars inspired by territory or national interests. The new recipe is a brilliantly simple ideological model that works something like this:

Introduce policies based on ideology; ignore effects created by those policies; vilify dissenters & continue with fingers in ears = war

The President of the unelected executive arm of the European Union (EU) has vowed to block all right wing populists from power across the continent, shortly after acquiring the power to exert “far-reaching sanctions” on elected governments.

“There will be no debate or dialogue with the far-right,” the liberal bureaucrat told AFP.  Read More

For the past twenty five years the narrative on ever closer ties with the European Union & mass immigration has been controlled by the progressive left. Anyone who had a problem with this narrative was branded a racist or a xenophobe and told to go away.

However those people don’t go away. As the effects of those policies increase, they find another way of making their voice heard, as we can see in the predictable rise of nationalist parties across Europe – it’s fairly simple how the current situation came about if you are willing to be objective about it.

The political spring has been set for a nasty visceral backlash that is only just starting to build momentum. However, rather than address the issue and face the gathering storm, the elites in their arrogance & folly, have decided that they will simple ignore it and continue on as planned.

This will go down as the perilous pitfall of progressive thought: that ideology trumps reality.

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