Nigel Farage: My Message to Americans

Nigel Farage – the architect of Brexit, on the big issues behind the U.S. election.

Brexit stands as a great example to Americans preparing to vote in what is without doubt the most important election they have ever taken part in, as to what happens when the people turn their backs on propaganda, educate themselves and make their voices heard.

There has never been a more stark choice between the direction America takes after November 8th. The forces that were involved in Brexit are the same that are assembled for battle in this election, and the tactics of the establishment have been almost identical: fear mongering; disinformation & dirty tricks.

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It’s a shame that you can’t find this on CNN or in the Wa Po, and have to rely on Alt-Right sources such as InfoWars.

The Slow Death of Canadian News Print


Lord Conrad Black, the former Canadian Media Mogul who controlled Hollinger International, (once the world’s third-largest English-language newspaper empire) saw the writing on the wall, er … the print perhaps.

By the late ’90’s Black was convinced the newspaper business had peaked and began selling off many of Hollinger’s small papers in the United States.

In 2000, Lord Black’s Hollinger International Inc. sold most of its Canadian newspapers and half of the National Post to CanWest Global Communications Corp. for $3.2-billion dollars.

At the time, Leonard Asper and his father, CanWest founder Izzy Asper, hailed the deal as a bold move into the world of media convergence.

It is clear now that Lord Black and Hollinger outfoxed the Aspers and CanWest.

By late 2009, CanWest entered bankruptcy protection leading to the sale of the company’s assets. Canwest’s newspaper arm was sold to a group of creditors led by National Post CEO Paul Godfrey, through a newly formed company named Postmedia Network.

The Postmedia then went on to buy Sun Media Corp. a subsidiary of Quebecor in 2015 for 316 million.

The acquisition signalled an unprecedented concentration of the country’s newspapers and digital news sites. Postmedia took ownership of both major dailies in three big cities: The Sun and Herald in Calgary, the Sun and Journal in Edmonton and the Sun and Citizen in Ottawa. It previously owned both The Vancouver Sun and The Province in Vancouver, which it used as an example to make its case to the Competition Bureau.

Then, in early 2016, Postmedia completed a major restructuring of its debt. Under a court-approved corporate plan of arrangement, the company removed $307 million in debt and $50 million in annual cash interest from its books through a debt for equity swap.

However, Standard & Poor’s considered the plan of arrangement a technical default and indication that Postmedia was incapable of paying back its debt.

But the losses keep coming.

This week Postmedia Network Canada Corp., booked a loss of $99.4 million in the three months ending August 31, compared to $54.1 million in the same period the previous year. Check Reuters Canada Article Here.

This downward trend is clear proof that Conrad Black was right. Print media is indeed in a slow death spiral.

How ironic that he remains one of the few still working for the newspaper he founded.

DNC Engaged In Mass Voter Fraud

In the second film from investigative journalist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, DNC staffers are filmed planning and orchestrating mass voter fraud in the upcoming presidential election. Must Watch 

This is the real reason why they oppose voter ID cards, it’s not racist; it would just put an end to an established DNC culture voter fraud.

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The Two Types of Right Wing #NeverTrump-ers


David Cole writes at Taki’s Magazine about the two anti-Trump camps in the political right:

In the same vein, I think we can group the Republicans and conservatives who are currently abandoning the SS Trump into two similar categories. There are the ones who, perhaps against their better judgment, had decided to give the man a chance, owing no doubt to the fact that Hillary is the pantsuited personification of corruption, duplicity, and sleaziness. These people held their noses and decided to take one for the team (“the team” being either the GOP or the U.S.). But the whole “pussy grabber” thing was a final straw…

But then there are the GOPs/conservatives (by and large, pundits and elected officials) who think that by making a big public show of abandoning Trump following the pussy-grab revelations, they are somehow currying favor with the left, preserving for themselves a future free of accusations of “You’re a pro-rape misogynist Nazi.”… The people who truly believe that leftists will cut them slack for abandoning Trump represent a rare combination of stupidity and reality detachment.

So, basically, idealists and traitors cucks. Only Cole puts it more nicely and more nuanced, complete with a relevant parable from his past.


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Clinton: Grabbing Power By The Pussy


That old maxim, that a week is a long time in politics seems to be a gross understatement in 2016.

Most recently, during the six days since the second presidential debate, we have been treated to the transformation of the MSM from thinly veiled vehicle for the progressive narrative, to fully broken from cover panto-propaganda machine.

It should have been abundantly clear to anyone watching the hatchet job of a debate, that despite gross and transparent bias by the moderators, at times Trump threw Clinton like a pitiful ragging on a chew toy.

Cue the willing errand boys of propaganda to limit the damage inflicted: CNN; NBC; ABC; Huff Po; NYT et al. Who got straight to work spinning the yarn of an alternate reality in which destroying subpoenaed evidence and threatening Bill’s rape victims was eclipsed by Trumps lewd sexual comments a decade before.

After a week of having this perverse manufactured reality imposed upon us by the most mendacious and unscrupulous of players, finally some hope & promise that all is not lost. According to Infowars, it would seem that back in the real world, they are not buying it:

Internet users are vastly more interested in Wikileaks releases than allegations about Donald Trump, that have been given blanket coverage by the mainstream media.

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The only reason why they are so openly and transparently trying to impose their will upon the populations of western nations, is because they appreciate better than anyone that another defeat the size of Brexit could be just weeks away.

The current presidential campaign is notable because the longer it goes on, the more it exposes the underlying reality of American society; a society that has been thoroughly penetrated by globalist control that is at odds with the fundamental nature of a republic. The longer the campaign continues and the more Trump is attacked, the more he fights back by speaking bluntly about the reality of America and its current sociopolitical and economic situation.

And as globalists push toward their goals in the 21st century, people will increasingly turn to the Internet to find out what’s going on. Trump has actually speeded up this process. Read Full Article

After a full six days of progressive carpet bombing with pussy tapes and faux moral outrage at the idea that Trump pays a little tax as is legally possible, the cracks are starting to show…

Even the Wall Street Journal is now fed up with the biased media coverage of the 2016 Presidential election as revealed by a scathing article written by Kimberly Strassel, a member of their editorial board. As Strassel points out, it’s almost impossible to turn on the TV without hearing about Trump’s “lewd” comments while coverage of Hillary “uniformly ignores the flurry of bombshells” inherent in the various WikiLeaks, FOIA releases and FBI interviews. Read Full Article

Manufactured polls have been created to give the illusion that Hillary is 11 points ahead after the second debate; a reality that is unexplainable given the poor performance under pressure and the weak substance of scandals being hammered home day and night. It turns out that the research companies who have come up with the data putting Clinton 11 points a head are run by, and paid for, by Clinton Super Pacs.

The whole illusion of popularity with voters has been manufactured.  Read More

Paul Joseph Watson & Stephan Molyneux discuss this week’s events:


Ivan Penaluna

The Bewildered Herd: How the 2016 Election was Shaped Nearly 100 Years Ago

During the 1920’s Edward Bernays coined the term ‘Public Relations’ and thus began the Propaganda / Psychological Operations against the American people.

Based on the writings of Sigmund Freud, Bernays sold products, toppled governments and brainwashed generations of unsuspecting citizens.

This powerful documentary chronicles the birth of ‘peace time’ propaganda, the work of Edward Bernays, the mass marketing of consumerism and the rise of media mind control techniques still employed today.

In this 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the Psychological Propaganda War Machine is working Full Throttle to befuddle the minds of the American public with their bag of tricks and lies perfected over nearly a century.

This 4 hour long BBC documentary may leave you feeling angry and stupid. Not because we have all been fooled but because it reveals the depth of our governments contempt for its citizenry.

Hillary Clinton: America’s Political Dominatrix


In a clean good world, the competition for the office of the president of the United States should be solemn, edifying and dignified, marked by the grace and courtesy of its aspirants. The American presidency is the Mount Sinai of democracy, the highest emblem our sad world has to offer of a free people determining their choice of government and leader.

To the millions caught by birth or fate in grim dictatorships, ruthless tyrannies, kleptocracies, or the murderous chaos of faction and civil war (Syria is the current exemplar), viewing a great nation freely choosing its leader, in open forums, under a free press must be, or rather should be, an inextinguishable source of hope that some day they too, may claim the full rights and unobstructed dignity of a free citizenry.

A beacon on the hill — that’s the accepted metaphor. But, “what a falling off was there.”

With due apologies to Tom Wolfe, this American election, alas, is a roaring bonfire of the insanities. People who have respect and affection for Americans, and I am pleased to be one of them, melt in tears for the spectacle of their current presidential campaign.

The Clinton campaign is a pyramid of lies, equivocations and cover-up, spite and snobbery. The lies: Hillary Clinton deliberately and (despite the absurd declaration of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey) with intent, took all her communication off the government’s secure system to escape freedom of information requests, and conceal the octopus ties of her office as secretary of state with the global solicitations and fundraising of the Clinton Foundation.

She wanted, above all to hide “her damn emails” from the eyes of everyone, because otherwise they would throttle her candidacy from its first breath.  Her five chief assistants from Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills down were all granted immunity, she received unique treatment, her husband Bill forced access to Loretta Lynch, the attorney general, on an airport tarmac days before the decision not to prosecute. Aides used “hammers and BleachBit on computers and phones” to obliterate their memories.

Justice has been bent or bludgeoned to suit a campaign. And not once has  Clinton told the clear truth on any of these actions.

The cover-up and equivocations: this one is simple. If you removed just one phrase from Clinton’s vocabulary — “I cannot recall” — she could be facing a trial, not inauguration. There have been more rewrites and variations to and on the Clinton email storyline — I did it for convenience, Colin Powell told me to do it, there was no classified information, there was not classified information at the time, and so on — than at a scriptwriter’s conference in Hollywood Hell.

Spite: Read some of the WikiLeaks for her campaign’s attitude toward Bernie Sanders, the red socialist, and his “self-righteous whiners.” (By the way, where has Bernie gone?) Or the campaign’s crude, puerile suggested lines of attack on the quixotic Sanders. “Does he believe in a God,” wrote Brad Marshall, chief financial officer of the Democratic National Committee. “He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps.”

In a second email: it’s the “Jesus thing,” with the scornful reply “AMEN.” The subtext of all this is simply that old Bernie really should not even be allowed to challenge Her Majesty, spite and condescension all in one.

The snobbery comes from both the candidate and the insiders, the now-famous “basket of deplorables.” To a crowd of her super-rich donors, Clinton rhymed off, “You could put half of (Donald) Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.”  Much like her insiders, such as campaign manager John Podesta and friends deploring Roman Catholics and their “medieval religion,” Conservative Catholics as illustrating “an amazing bastardization of the faith” and that Conservative donors are only Catholics “because their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.”

So this is the machinery, the tactics, the attitude and method of one half of this presidential election. And it is only a taste, a sample, of the lowness, cunning and brazen methods deployed in the reach for democracy’s highest office.

What does the world looking on, those people in countries and places like North Korea, China, Cuba, Africa, caught in immiseration, tyranny or civil war, see in this wretched stew that they should emulate, that should recommend the “democratic way” to them? Where is that dignity, courtesy, respect, integrity and truth that we hope play some part in our freedom-based democracies, to be found in these degraded, selfish, vulgar, and gruesomely petty exchanges?

By Rex Murphy

Read Full Article Here – National Post [Canada]

Top 10 Pedesta Revelations From Clinton Campaign E-mails


By Wednesday Oct. 12, WikiLeaks had released over 7,000 e-mails sent or received by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, offering glimpses into the workings of the Clinton campaign, as well as the Podesta-founded Center for American Progress.

Clinton’s associates have reacted angrily at the releases, with her campaign spokesman Brian Fallon accusing WikiLeaks of being “a propaganda arm of the Russian government running interference for their pet candidate, Trump.”

Here is a list of ten strange things about the Democratic presidential hopeful found in the leaked e-mails.

1. Hillary Hates ‘everyday Americans’

One e-mail has in particular generated much debate, revealing that Clinton hates “everyday Americans” – or that particular phrase, anyway.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion,” Podesta wrote to Clinton’s Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri in April 2015.

2. The Campaign ‘Cultivated’ certain media

In an attempt to confirm Clinton’s attendance at an event on April 12, 2015, the day she announced her presidential bid, Podesta emailed Palmieri about the news website Business Insider. They both described the outlet as right wing.

“Am I right that they’re right wing? They get a fair amount of traffic,” Podesta asked.

“They are right wing, but Philippe [Reines, Clinton’s former State Department aide] weirdly has cultivated them,” Palmieri replied.

3. Clinton knew ISIS received support from US allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar

According to another e-mail, Clinton was well aware that Saudi Arabia and Qatar – major US allies in the Middle East – are providing  “clandestine financial and logistic support to IS [formerly ISIS/ISIL] and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” contrary to their assurances of the otherwise.

“While this military/para-military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” said the email she sent to Podesta.

4. Most Clinton Foundation donors are not American

In 2013, speaking to Mediacorp, Clinton admitted that the largest share of donations made to the Clinton Foundation came from abroad.

“Canadians per capita are the biggest supporters of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, so it’s great to be supported by so many Canadians,” Clinton said, according to the Washington Examiner.

5. New DNC chair was the ‘mole’ leaking Bernie Sanders doc

In January, Donna Brazile – former campaign adviser to Bill Clinton in the 1990s and a high-ranking official in the Democratic National Committee – passed along to the Clinton campaign an e-mail from the Bernie Sanders campaign revealing his strategy to reach African-American community through social media, called the ‘Twitterstorm Tuesday.’

“Thank you for the heads up on this Donna,” responded Adrienne Elrod, a Clinton campaign aide.

Brazile replaced Clinton confidante Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who was forced to resign as DNC chair after the party files were leaked just prior to the convention in July. She tried to justify the action, saying there were “plenty of emails from me to both team Clinton and Sanders.” She has also accused those who reported on the emails of working overtime for Trump and “his Russian hackers.”

6. Policy-making and ‘backroom deals’ should be concealed from voters

Among the first batch of emails were partial transcripts of speeches Clinton gave after leaving the State Department. In one such speech in 2013, Clinton said policy-making process should be concealed from voters as backroom deals it includes could make people “nervous.”

“If everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position,” Clinton said during a speech to the National Multi-Housing Council, for which she earned $225,000, according to the Washington Examiner.

7. ‘Can’t possibly’ vet all refugees

At a luncheon for the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago Vanguard in October 2013, Clinton said that the influx of Syrian refugees into neighboring Jordan – fueled by the ongoing civil war – makes checking identities of all asylum seekers impossible.

“And particularly with Syria which has everyone quite worried, Jordan because it’s on their border and they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees,” Clinton said, according to speech transcripts found in Podesta’s emails.

8. No-fly zone over Syria impractical due to ‘sophisticated anti-aircraft systems’

During the second presidential debate on Sunday evening, Clinton championed an idea of introducing a no-fly zone over certain parts of Syria. However, in a speech paid for by Goldman Sachs in June 2013, she was deeply skeptical that such measure could work in modern Syria.

“But the idea that we would have like a no fly zone—Syria, of course, did have when it started the fourth biggest Army in the world. It had very sophisticated air defense systems. They’re getting more sophisticated thanks to Russian imports,”Clinton said, according to leaked speech excerpts.

“So our missiles, even if they are standoff missiles so we’re not putting our pilots at risk – you’re going to kill a lot of Syrians.”

9. Chelsea Clinton ‘acted like a spoiled brat’

A December 2011 email from Doug Band, a lawyer who helped create the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), said that that Chelsea Clinton was hardly caring about “her role” in the office problems.

“But I’m sure Chelsea is more concerned with a mostly false story in the distinguished [NY] post about [MF Global] and Teneo not her role in what happened to Laura/Bruce, what she is doing to the organization or the several of stories that have appeared in the NY Post about her father and a multitude of women over the years,” Band wrote.

In a separate e-mail to Podesta a month earlier, he said Chelsea was “acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do but create issues to justify what she’s doing because she, as she has said, hasn’t found her way and has a lack of focus in her life.”

10. ‘Extraterrestrials, the highest form of intelligence working directly with God’

Aliens want to help humans but are afraid of violence on Earth, Apollo program astronaut Edgar Mitchell wrote to Podesta in 2015, citing an impending space war and the Vatican’s knowledge of alien life.

“Because the War in Space race is heating up, I felt you should be aware of several factors as you and I schedule our Skype talk,” wrote Mitchell, who died in February 2016.

Terri Mansfield, who describes herself online as “the Director of the ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Peace Task Force”has also been mentioned in one of Mitchell’s e-mails. Referred to as Mitchell’s “Catholic colleague,” Mansfield is also said to be attending the meeting with Podesta “to bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI.”

On her website, Mansfield describes ETIs as being “the highest form of intelligence working directly with God.”

Read Full Article Here – RT News