Clinton Too Dirty For Globalists

On Friday afternoon it was announced by Director James Comey, that the FBI would be re-opening their investigation into Clinton’s emails. The timing – ten days prior to the election – is needless to say awful for Clinton’s campaign.

Read Full Story & The Reason Comey Yielded and Re-opened the Clinton Case

As the bombshell announcement settled in over the weekend, Wikileaks were preparing to release a fresh salvo of emails showing that CNN employee and DNC chairperson, Donna Brazile had fed debate questions to HRC’s campaign during the primary debates with Sanders. Full Story

And today it has emerged that various social media platforms are suppressing the latest damaging revelation to the Clinton campaign.

Social media blackout: FBI emails not trending on Twitter Facebook Buzzfeed or Snapchat

However, all of this could be seen as something of a moot point, as it is unlikely that many Clinton supporters will not be fazed by further allegations of criminal behaviour, as they already decided some time ago to do a deal with the Devil rather than hand the presidency to Trump.

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