Clinton & the Lolita Express


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I suppose everything is relative. If you had told Hillary Clinton’s campaign a month ago that the FBI would reopen its investigation into her email saga, they would have viewed the news as apocalyptic.

However, in light of the revelation that Clinton’s unsecured emails have been hacked by at least five foreign governments, that news suddenly takes on a rather tepid nature.

FBI Sources 99% Sure Hillary’s Email Hacked by FIVE Foreign Governments, Risked National Security

How much worst could it get? You ask yourself. Surely not much?

Well, if the latest unofficial reports being leaked about the contents of the material on Anthony Weiner’s computer are anything to go by, quite a lot.

The implication is that Anthony Weiner had a file on his computer marked ‘life insurance’ which detailed HRC’s involvement with the Lolita Express – a private flight to an Island in the caribbean owned by Jeffery Epstein, where powerful & wealthy people engaged in sex with children. Among the attendees were allegedly, Hillary & BillClinton. Read More

But it gets worse. How could it? According to Steve Pieczenik, on November 1st the Clinton’s tried to instigate a coup, which was met with a counter-coup from agencies with the U.S. law enforcement & intelligence communities. If true, the Clintons are not only criminals, but traitors.

So you see, the news that the FBI were re-opening the investigation into Hillary’s email debacle doesn’t seem that bad anymore. Unless you are Hillary Clinton.

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