Olympics: Past their “best before” date


Starting Strength author and coach Mark Rippetoe writes what a whole lot of us think: it’s time for the Olympics scam to just go away:

The Olympic Games are hideously expensive to host, and the taxpayers of the host nation are often left with a burdensome debt and several abandoned facilities for their trouble. In essence, Greece spent billions of dollars it didn’t have to build facilities it doesn’t need to host a competition for which NBC Sports could sell advertising.


But even more offensive to sensible people everywhere is the abject silliness of the media coverage of the Olympic Games. The focus of the coverage has shifted from the sports and the athletes’ performances to the human interest stories that are, at best, extremely peripheral to the contests.

Although, we must add: if there were no more Olympics, that would have a very severe and negative on impact Cosmopolitan’s most penetrating of serious journalistic inquiries: which male swimmer/diver wins the swimsuit competition? 36 of the Greatest Summer Olympic Bulges

Someone’s mom must be really happy and proud about all the money they spent on their daughter‘s journalism degree from the University of Florida. Go Gators!

Read the whole thing (Mark Rippetoe’s piece, that is) at PJ Media.

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