Civil War in France


French politicians seem incapable of containing the near constant stream of large scale Islamist attacks from punctuating their calendar every three or four months, which increasingly looks like the new norm. Read More

However, the large scale migration of predominately military aged muslim men into Europe and the terror and crime they bring, has security chiefs concerned for a continent wide tipping point into what they fear will in effect be a civil war for the soul of Europe. Read More

As we have covered before, failed liberal progressive policies have created the conditions for civil war in France. Although, the supporters of such policies would never accept that responsibility, and in some cases even claim that a terror attack every few months is a price worth paying for the ideal society. How To Start A War In Europe

Progressive liberalism is now a dangerous indulgence and clinical denial of reality. It should be seen as a societal virus acquired during the Cold War via a program of Cultural Marxism. Btw, anyone who does not believe that Cultural Marxism exists, we ask them to take a look at the former Soviet states that were not subjected to these coreosive elements to see how intact the essential fabric of their societies are. Only when these countries embrace the liberal model do their societies start to suffer the same self-inflicted societal ills. Read More

More than any other of Europe’s progressive leaders, Francois Hollande is a ridiculous Clouseau character who wouldn’t recognize the best interests of the French people in a line up. And contrary to narrative spin, it is not Marine Le Pen’s National Front that created these conditions, but it looks increasingly like her government is the only one ideologically equipped with the political fortitude to rescue France from the ravages of a badly managed experiment in multiculturalism; the mess of which is only going to be cleared up by someone with the political strength of character to identify and remove, or kill the enemy within.

If Marine Le Pen is the answer, then the situation must be critical.

Ivan Penaluna


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