72 hrs And CBC Still Looking For Motive in Nice Attack


CBC Radio Sunday morning announced that authorities were ‘still seeking the motive’ for Thursday’s truck attack in Nice that killed 84 and injured over 200.

So let’s just go over what both we and CBC all know for sure 72 hrs later:

The truck was driven by a 31 year old Tunisian, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who mowed down people as they gathered to celebrate Bastille Day on the waterfront in Nice.

Upon completing his 2km attack, he alighted from the truck, shouted “Allahu Akbar” and proceeded to fire a hand gun at officers until he was shot and killed by police.

As he came to a stop, witnesses claim he then opened fire on officers while screaming “Allahu Akbar” – which means God is greatest in Arabic. Read More

Contrary to earlier reports, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel had become radicalized recently, and in the moments before the attack, he texted accomplices asking for ‘more weapons’

The French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said the attacker “appears to have become radicalised very quickly”. One neighbour of his estranged wife said: “Mohamed only started visiting a mosque in April.”

Bouhlel sent text message minutes before attack asking for more weapons, as couple are reportedly arrested on suspicion of supplying gun Read Full Article

In the weeks prior, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel sent $84,000 to his family in Tunisia.

“Mohamed sent the family 240,000 Tunisian Dinars (£84,000) in the last few days,” Bouhlel’s brother told the MailOnline website. “He used to send us small sums of money regularly like most Tunisians working abroad. But then he sent us all that money, it was a fortune. Read Full Article

On Saturday ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Islamic State claimed responsibility on Saturday for the truck attack that killed at least 84 people celebrating Bastille Day in the French city of Nice and police arrested three more people there in connection with the seafront carnage. 

The person who carried out the operation in Nice, France, to run down people was one of the soldiers of Islamic State,” the Amaq news agency affiliated with the militant Islamist group said on its Telegram account. Read Full Article Read Full Article

So what exactly do CBC not understand about the motivation for the attack? This attack follows an already well established pattern of Islamic attacks in France, with overwhelming evidence pointing to yet another.

They are actually in good company on this one, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would also be able to look at the same evidence and come to the conclusion that the motive is ‘unclear.’

At which point, Holmes would declare the Prime Minister and his State propaganda apparatus to be in a state of dangerous denial over an inconvenient reality.

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