Finally, London Gets the Mayor It Deserves


There is a saying attributed to Robert Kennedy, that goes: ‘Every society get the criminals it deserves.’ Equally... it goes on, ‘every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.’ Somewhere between these two points lies the election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London last week.

Sadie Khan is the first Muslim mayor of London, which in isolation should be no big deal. The issue comes when you apply this fact to the broader picture of what is happening in Europe, and when of course, people learn that Khan has shared the stage with Islamic extremists.

Again, this should not be really be a controversial revelation. Every Muslim public figure in Britain probably knows a number of Islamic extremists with whom they are on first name terms – that’s the nature of the beast. He probably bumps into extremists on a daily basis; waves to Islamists from across the street both knowingly and unknowingly. To him, these are regular Muslims. Not your ‘Uncle Tom’ secular Muslims as he describes – the ones who contemptuously put the law of the land before the Mohammed’s teachings of conquest and subjugation.

Khan’s rap sheet is pretty damning. Here is just a snap shot:

In 2004, Khan was the chief legal advisor to the Muslim Council of Britain, a group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. Khan defended Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born Islamist who has been banned from entering the UK. Al-Qaradawi has expressed support for Hamas suicide bombings against Israel: “It’s not suicide, it is martyrdom in the name of Allah.” According to Khan, however, “Quotes attributed to this man may or may not be true.”

Also in 2004, Khan shared a platform with a half-dozen Islamic extremists in London at a political meeting where women were told to use a separate entrance. One of the speakers was Azzam Tamimi, who has said he wants Israel destroyed and replaced with an Islamic state. Another speaker was Daud Abdullah, who has led boycotts of Holocaust Memorial Day. Yet another speaker was Ibrahim Hewitt, a Muslim hardliner who believes that adulterers should be “stoned to death.”

In 2006, Khan attended a mass rally in Trafalgar Square to protest the publication of cartoons of Mohammed by Western newspapers. One of those present at the rally was Tamimi, who told Sky News: “The publication of these cartoons will cause the world to tremble. Fire will be throughout the world if they don’t stop.” Khan defended Tamimi: “Speakers can get carried away but they are just flowery words.”

In 2008, Khan gave a speech at the Global Peace and Unity Conference, an event organized by the Islam Channel, which has been censured repeatedly by British media regulators for extremism. Members of the audience were filmed flying the black flag of jihad while Khan was speaking.

Also in 2008, Khan wrote that Turkey should be allowed to join the European Union in order to prove that the bloc is not a “Christian Club” that discriminates against Muslims.   Full Rap Sheet

Bumbling tussle-haired Eurosceptic former Mayor, Boris Johnson never realistically or convincingly represented the capital and its values. The people of London seem quite comfortable with the creeping Balkanization of Europe, even going out of their way to promote such progressive policies, despite overwhelming evidence of their failure.

Finally, they are getting the mayor they deserve.

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