E.U: The Velvet Gloves Come Off


A test of any institution, or individual for that matter, is how they respond in a crisis. For decades the people of Europe have been sold the narrative that the E.U. is a benign parental body which seeks to promote unity and avoid the possibility of there ever being another war between European nations.

Thus far the E.U. has faced two crises – the sovereign debt crisis and the ongoing immigration crisis, and on both occasions it has quickly demonstrated its true personality by pulling off the velvet gloves to reveal the iron fist of membership to the Candy Haus.

As the Telegraph reports:

The European Commission will impose fines of hundreds of millions of pounds on countries that do not take in refugees.

Jean-Claude Junker is tomorrow expected to unveil plans to impose a penalty of around €250,000 euros per rejected refugee, in a bid to salvage his botched migration quota scheme.

In short: any member state who decides that Islamic immigration is not for them, will be coerced into taking the quota allotted to them by the E.U.

This move is specifically aimed at former Soviet bloc countries like Hungary; the Czech Republic; Poland & Slovakia who have decided that mass Muslim immigration is not in their nation’s best interests long term. Wonder where they got that idea?

Eastern European states opposed the scheme for two reasons: because they said refugee admissions should be a sovereign national decision; and because many of their voters are virulently opposed to Muslim immigration. 

So much for sovereignty and common sense.

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