As Surely As Night Follows Day


We don’t really consider ourselves very clever people. Our greatest skill is probably being able to predict what will happen when nations embark upon clearly ridiculous policies grounded in ideological insanity, and even then it has more to do with not being afflicted by the culture of such madness.

So when Germany drunkenly declared that it would give a home to 800,000 refugees, it was fairly easy to predict that the Summer of Love would turn into the Winter of Rape – we just didn’t think that it would be the same year. After all, guests usually have to get comfortable before they start molesting the host.

As support for Pegida, then Germany’s anti-Muslim AfD Party started to grow, it’s not like anyone but the ideologically insane could claim that they hadn’t see it coming.

Now it appears that support For Anti-Muslim AfD has hit a record high as 60% agree that, “Islam Does Not Belong In Germany.”

This from ZeroHedge:

In yet another poll for Bild newspaper by the Insa Institute, an astonishing 61% of Germans agreed that Islam does not belong in Germany. This result further explains AfD’s surge in popularity, as the AfD reportedly has a section in its new party program called “Islam is not part of Germany”, which is a position that 92% of its supporters agree with.

With the AfD only behind SPD by 5 points in the polls, it won’t be long until the AfD is able to close the gap and become Germany’s second most popular party. An increasingly powerful AfD who shares the same anti-Muslim sentiment as a growing number of German voters means that the political landscape in Germany is changing rapidly, and significantly.

No one could have predicted that. I mean, what did they think people were going to do?

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