End Game for Old Europe


It has emerged that Turkey is set to be granted European visa-free travel for its 75 million citizens. As the Telegraph today reports:

The giveaway is part of a €6bn aid-for-deportations migration deal struck with Ankara, which has resulted in a steep fall in the number of refugees attempting to cross into Europe. Turkey has warned that if it is not given the visa waiver – which will grant automatic access to the Schengen zone for tourists for up to 90 days – then it will “terminate” the migration deal. Read Full Article

The furious speed of state sanctioned Islamization of Europe over recent years has been rapid, but this has to be the final swift nail in the coffin for old Europe.

From Tony Blair’s Open Door immigration policy to Angela Merkel’s Summer of Love (see Guilt, & intake of 800,000), progressive politicians have achieved in two decades what it took the former Yugoslavia centuries to befall. The Balkanization of previously stable European societies makes as much sense as the toppling of Ghaddafi and is probably related in some way.

ZeroHedge reports today via Mishtalk:

Of all the inane, self-serving, deals German Chancellor Angela Merkel made with Turkey, visa-free travel for 80 million Islamic Turks tops the list.

“This is all a nightmare,” said one diplomat charged with making the deal work. Another European diplomat described the Turkey-EU deal as carrying “the seeds of its own destruction”.

Read Full Article

Clearly the people elected to represent our interests have nothing of the sort in mind and are doing the bidding of an unidentified agenda.

And most likely the same parties who benefited from turning Libya into a Jihadi playground are also set to benefit from turning Europe into Bosnia 2.0

The question that should keep people awake at night is why?

As Niall Ferguson concluded in his six part series, The War of the World, if you want to know what the future of Europe will be, you need look no further than the Yugoslavian wars of the nineties.

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