Is Trudeau Still Breastfed?


Speculation is mounting that Justin Trudeau may never have been fully weaned off the mother’s milk, after comments make by Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau that she breastfeeds her 2-year old led some in Ottawa to question whether she is also still breastfeeding her husband.

It had been rumoured that Margaret Trudeau kept the young Justin on the breast until well into his early 20’s, at which point Sophie took over duties.

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News of this has seen an explosion of young women on social media offering to breastfeed the new Prime Minister.

Whether this is for sexual reasons (the same reason they voted for him), or that they are concerned that a sudden lack of milk might lead to more rash decisions, like the selling off all of Canada’s gold, or promising to settle 25,000 Syrians in 6 weeks, we can only speculate at this stage.

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