Official: Trump Responsible for Other People’s Actions


If you hadn’t got the message yet: Donald Trump is responsible for the actions of everyone. Thump has died on the podium of indecency so that you never have to take responsibility for anything ever again.

The ‘inflammatory’  language he employs means that you never have to own your actions, or exercise any self control ever again. Because the sort of things he says are enough to make the most rational human lose their shit and behave violently.

His catalogue of future tyrannical sins have admonished those who disagree with him of any blame. People who rush the stage in an attempt to assault him should be treated as heroes because basically, Trump = Hitler.

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Even though Hillary Clinton has the political rap sheet of an inner city gangbanger, and should most likely be in jail for tangible crimes, it’s Thump who is the threat.

Only in a progressive narrative could this idea be floated and sold.

Let’s be clear, and welcome back reality and rational norms already established into this equation: if you go to an opposition rally looking to ‘shut it down’, you are the instigator & aggressor. In no other area of life would this be seen as anything but. At sporting events in many countries, you will not be admitted into the opposing team’s area if organisers suspect you to be a rival supporter. It is seen as ‘inflammatory’ and aggressive; you will be ejected for engaging in such behaviour.

Contrary to popular misconception, a rally arena is not a public space, in very much the same way that an event venue of any description like a nightclub or concert is not a public space. There will be an admission policy, security and desired clientele. I have no doubt that these sort of restrictions were in place to avoid the obvious, but were circumvented by either stealth or deception.

The progressive left have all but abandoned any pretense of supporting a democratic societal model over Trump. They have made it abundantly clear that campaign rallies are a privilege reserved for those with allowable views, decided by them.

They have also made it clear that violence is a means to an end, and that judgement by the mob, whether it be via social media or the street, is the preferred method in their new world of soft-shelled totalitarian justice.


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