Islamic State: A New Dark Age for Mankind


Like Tuberculosis, which was all but eradicated during the 20th Century, public executions for witchcraft are making a comeback in Libya under the Islamic State. Two men, one a homeopath & acupuncturist, were recently publicly beheaded for ‘Sorcery’ by the Islamic State in the city of Sirte.

It’s almost 400 years since Europe closed the doors on a bleak period of history that saw people executed for witchcraft; under puritanical Islam it’s making a 21st Century comeback on Mediterranean shores.

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The death of one is a tragedy, the death of millions is a pizza discount code

Apparently if you went to Papa John’s Pizza’s Russian website this past weekend and wanted a discount, the magic words were “Josef Stalin.”

Papa John’s has since clarified that the offer was part of a promotional tie-in with the computer game World of Tanks – Stalin lent his name to a series of Soviet tanks produced in the 1940s which are featured in the game, along with several others.

Now, if only Domino’s would do the same with Mussolini…

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Canada Enters Reality, and it Hurts.


Canada entered the reality of the world in which we must now live this weekend, after a group of three men of Muslim appearance were spotted on CCTV taking films and pictures of a downtown mall in Vancouver. News outlets released footage of the men and passed on the message that police would like to talk to them. The men eventually contacted police, who were satisfied that there was no malicious intent.

However, Vancouverites immediately took to social media to let everyone know just how unhappy they were with the police trying to make sure an Islamic attack does not happen in their city, with a campaign of collective denial that bordered upon the farcical and accusations of ‘racial profiling’ & ‘fearmongering.’

It seemed lost on most that if you wander around taking pictures of public places like train stations or shopping malls anywhere in Europe, you will be stopped and questioned by police regardless of ethnicity. This is the reality that Islamic terror has created, and the failure to grasp this sort of practicality should be a cause for embarrassment.

Instead people marched up and down the pages of social media banging their drums and blowing their trumpets, showcasing their poorly conceived alternative realities.

Canada has been insulated from such harsh realities thus far, and has been able to afford the indulgence that if you are nice to people, they will be nice back. Which of course is a great approach, until you come up against Islam.

A dangerous denial of reality is being enjoyed by a complacent population, and the rest of the world could be excused for laughing.

Media Not Interested in Brown Victims of Islam


The Islamic attacks that took place in Jakarta & Burkina Faso this week were not as newsworthy for mainstream or social media as the recent Paris or Tunisian attacks, because many of the victims were ‘kind of brown’ and it didn’t happen where people could imagine themselves going on holiday.

From virtually ignoring the wiping off the map of two towns in Nigeria by Boko Haram and massacre of 2000, to the unwillingness to criticize or condemn the actions of terrorists because they are a different colour, no one does this brand of progressive racism better.


You mean HGTV lied to us?


The Globe and Mail’s Erin Anderssen on the whole “tiny home” movement and how quickly its proponents tend to move on up to larger homes again… which I don’t seem to have seen covered in the HGTV tiny home propaganda:

Remember that couple featured in the documentary Tiny, which depicted their tiny home’s construction and extolled the minimalist lifestyle? They parked the end result in a field in Colorado and never lived in it together full-time. (In a blog, they explained that they left this out of the movie “so as not to spoil the experience of seeing that story unfold on screen.”) You may also recall Carrie and Shane Caverly, who were featured on TV shows and in newspaper articles for “bonding” in their tiny home? They lasted 18 months before they decided it was “too small” and moved into an apartment. Many more owners rent out their tiny homes or use them only as weekend getaways, and it’s not easy to find a tiny-home builder actually dwelling full-time in the product they’re selling, at least in Canada.

Gee, next they’ll be telling us the world won’t come to an end if you don’t get the stainless steel appliances and granite countertops…

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Sharia Incompatible With Western Democracy


Those within Western democracies who seek or advocate for Sharia law are incompatible with the values of that society. It is, and should be, as simple as that. Those who seek Sharia law are extremists by definition.

That the Home Office should have to seek legislation to protect members of the armed services from abuse and threats tells you how woeful the situation is in Britain in regards to the active enemy within.

Islamic extremists who publicly demand that Sharia law replaces British legislation or try to enforce rules through their own courts could face prosecution under plans being worked on by the Home Office.   

It is understood that the long-awaited counter extremism bill, which is expected to be brought forward shortly, will also seek to ban people from launching abusive social media attacks or making public protests against members of the armed forces.

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Multiculturalism Trumps Protecting Women from Rape


From Rotherham to Cologne, the cause of the failure was a culture of ‘Institutionalized Political Correctness.’

Between protecting over a thousand girls from repeated gang rape and protecting Muslims from being identified as the rapists, authorities chose to protect multiculturalism and “diversity.” In the competition between multiculturalism and one of the most elementary instincts and obligations of higher civilization — the protection of girls and women from sexual violence — higher civilization lost.

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U.N. Peace Keepers, Just in it For the Sex.


The United Nations is currently dealing with what it calls “a cancer in our system” — namely, “peacekeepers” in the Central African Republic who have been paying to have sex with young teen girls.

According to The Washington Post, “[O]fficials have learned about what appears to be a fresh scandal. Investigators discovered this month that at least four U.N. peacekeepers in the Central African Republic allegedly paid young girls as little as 50 cents in exchange for sex.”

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