Canada Enters Reality, and it Hurts.


Canada entered the reality of the world in which we must now live this weekend, after a group of three men of Muslim appearance were spotted on CCTV taking films and pictures of a downtown mall in Vancouver. News outlets released footage of the men and passed on the message that police would like to talk to them. The men eventually contacted police, who were satisfied that there was no malicious intent.

However, Vancouverites immediately took to social media to let everyone know just how unhappy they were with the police trying to make sure an Islamic attack does not happen in their city, with a campaign of collective denial that bordered upon the farcical and accusations of ‘racial profiling’ & ‘fearmongering.’

It seemed lost on most that if you wander around taking pictures of public places like train stations or shopping malls anywhere in Europe, you will be stopped and questioned by police regardless of ethnicity. This is the reality that Islamic terror has created, and the failure to grasp this sort of practicality should be a cause for embarrassment.

Instead people marched up and down the pages of social media banging their drums and blowing their trumpets, showcasing their poorly conceived alternative realities.

Canada has been insulated from such harsh realities thus far, and has been able to afford the indulgence that if you are nice to people, they will be nice back. Which of course is a great approach, until you come up against Islam.

A dangerous denial of reality is being enjoyed by a complacent population, and the rest of the world could be excused for laughing.

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