Well, if you’d stop putting your ass within groping distance, then…

New Year’s Eve festivities in Germany, particularly Cologne, were a little extra touchy-feely, after a thousand newly arrived not-so Deutsch-y dudes spent New Year’s Eve hanging around a train station getting their grope on with uncooperative local gals, 120 of whom went to the local cops (and at least 2 of the girls weren’t just groped but raped).

In response, Cologne’s Mayor Henriette Reker had a meeting with the chief of police to figure out how to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and then decided to scold the women for asking for it by walking about in public places not taking appropriate precautions to avoid being victimized.

From the Independent:

The crisis management team said prevention measures should include a code of conduct for young women and girls, and Mayor Reker said the existing code of conduct will be updated online.

The suggested code of conduct includes maintaining an arm’s length distance from strangers, to stick within your own group, to ask bystanders for help or to intervene as a witness, or to inform the police if you are the victim of such an assault.

TL;DR version of Mayor Reker’s remarks: stop putting yourself within groping distance, you temptresses.

Surprisingly for a continent so terrified of being called a racist that they usually offer their own girls up as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter and look the other way, people got pissed when the mayor basically told women it was their own fault.

Even more so when the police describe the gropey mob as a “peaceful” celebration.

Oh, and it wasn’t just Cologne. Similar things happened all over Germany on New Year’s Eve, and have been happening since the country started getting invaded enriched with its hundreds of thousands of refujihadis simple folks looking for a better life in Germany this summer.

Not to mention that avoiding being within arm’s reach assumes the creeps are all stuck in place and can’t simply move to get within arm’s reach anyway. Also, if all the closest bystanders are also trying to feel you up, exactly what sort of help will they be giving?

As we like to say here at ABP, this is what a real rape culture looks like, or at least, this is what it looks like when you import a million members of a real rape culture.

More on the backlash at the Telegraph.

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