Occupy Movement Ready To Mobilize Over Bundy Ranch Stand Off


Originally from 2013, this just goes to show how little has changed:

Occupy forces that have been sat in barracks for over two years now woke up this morning to discover that they were once again being mobilized, but that this time they would find themselves fighting on the same side as the forces of corporate cronyism that they stood against in 2011.

In a bizarre twist of My enemy’s enemy is my friend, string-weaving street punks and shouty one-dimensional leftie students across the continent awoke this morning to be told by the liberal media that Cliven Bundy was a rich greedy landowner supported by domestic terrorists trying to take food stamps off millions of poor children, whom the federal government was duty bound to protect along with the interests of Nevadan Senator Harry Reid.

The stand off between Bundy, his supporters and the federal government over cattle grazing rights has proven politically divisive in North America, with many on the liberal left now realizing that they hate white farmers in rural America more than they hate corrupt bankers and their political errand boys in Washington. The logic seemingly being: that if you have food stamps, you don’t need farmers.

The speed and enthusiasm with which the liberal left has jumped aboard the totalitarian government regime train should alarm everyone. Various liberal news outlets continue to bay for blood and salivate on air over the prospect of a Waco style takedown of Bundy & his supporters, which according to former Texan Senator Ron Paul, could still be very much on the cards.

Whatever the eventual outcome of this drama, it should be abundantly clear to anyone and virtually impossible for the progressive left to argue that they want a gun ban for anything other than political & strategic reasons.

Those of us who entertained the idea that we were all on the same side have been given a wake up call; this crisis has served to illuminate that the progressive liberal left are the all-too-willing tools of government, and hungry for a bit of state murder.

For the time being just be glad that they can’t shoot, or even be trusted to maintain their weapon.



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