Trudeau’s ‘Hug a Terrorist’ Program For Returning ISIS Fighters



Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government reached a new plateau of transcendental thinking, when it announced that Canadians returning from fighting for ISIS in Syria & Iraq will be ‘re-habilitated’ rather than prosecuted or killed.

Whilst most other Western nations have stated that the only practical solution is for their domestic ISIS fighters to be killed in country and not return, the Trudeau government is offering hugs and hot chocolate to those who have been busy decapitating children in the name of Allah.

U.S. Special Envoy, Brett McGurk stated explicitly on a recent visit to Syria. “Our mission is to make sure that any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria, that they will die here in Syria.”

France, too, is working to eradicate its jihadis overseas. A Wall Street Journal investigation published in May quoted French and Iraqi officials describing French special forces co-operating with Iraqi units to hunt down and kill French jihadis.

Whilst The Sunday Times reports that Britain’s Special Air Service, SAS, has been given a “kill list” of British jihadis, including notorious ISIS recruiter and convert Sally Jones.

U.K government minister Rory Stewart said “Converts who leave Britain to fight for the terror group are guilty of horrific acts and the only way of dealing with them is to kill them “in almost every case”.

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These countries, all of which have extensive experience at the business end of Islamic terrorism, appreciate that this is the only practical solution; to allow these people back into their countries is to expose their populations to almost certain acts of terror.

Canadian state apparatus, CBC pimped the official line dutifully when it echoed the statement made by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale  that “Canada does not engage in death squads.”

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The irony that this statement should be made by a minister with the title of Public Safety Minister would be Pythonesque if it wasn’t so perverse.

Trudeau’s Liberals may find the prospect of killing Canadian Islamic fighters – which are estimated to number 200 in number – too distasteful to contemplate, but the Minister for Public Safety is clearly willing to provide safe passage for Islamic death squads returning home after defeat in Syria & Iraq, who will then be free to target Canadians at home as they have previously threatened.

None of this makes sense of course unless you are ideologically addled progressive for whom ideals trump reality and the safety of your citizens, whom you have been elected to protect and serve.

Canadians should be concerned that a rich kid like Trudeau, raised on pure ideology, should be in a position to knowingly endanger their families’ safety for the sake of a political indulgence.

If these returning Islamic fighters decide after the hugs and generous welfare offerings, that what Allah really wants is a truck attack on pedestrians, or a knife attack on shoppers, then Trudeau and his government of progressive impairment will be complicit in any deaths that follow.

Charlottesville & Domestic Terrorism

In the wake of the Charlottesville violence and the attack involving a car being driven into a crowd of Antifa & BLM protesters, there have been calls for the groups involved in Saturday’s Unite The Right demonstration against the removal of the statue of General Lee in Charlottesville to be declared domestic terrorists.

The Case for Domestic Terrorism

As when Islamists use vehicles as weapons, any act of mass violence that is ideologically driven could be classed as domestic terrorism. However, in order to have the groups associated with the Unite The Right march, declared domestic terrorists, by that standard, those calling for such a move would have to accept Black Lives Matter & Antifa also being declared domestic terrorist organizations. Or risk exposing transparent bias and deteriorating the situation further into open civil war.

Black Lives Matter & Antifa: Domestic Terrorist Organizations

Both Black Lives Matter & Antifa have a well established history of using violence and intimidation to further their cause. Both groups have a track record of calling for dead cops; dead fascists etc. and the forcible silencing of voices they do not agree with. This side of Islamic terror, there are no better examples of domestic terror organizations in modern America than BLM & Antifa.

Antifa have been plying their trade as violent leftist street thugs all but unchallenged for the past year. All anyone had to do to be the focus of this violence was to turn up to speak at a university. People attending such events have been beaten unconscious; pepper sprayed; spat on and ultimately prevented from hearing the speaker, in contravention of their Constitutional right, by an organized group who exclusively use violence & intimidation to achieve their ideological goals.

 1. the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Black Lives Matter also boasts an extensive body count to support their membership of this club. After openly calling for the death of police officers during demonstrations, adherents of the cause have ambushed and killed scored of U.S. police officers since. There seems little point at this stage arguing against their inclusion as a domestic terrorist organization. The only question really should be: why are they still operating?

Soros & the Democratic Party: Sponsors of Domestic Terrorism 

The one thing both groups have in common is that they are in receipt of financial support from George Soros, and the tacit support of both the mainstream media and Democratic party.

Soros is the main funder of some 200 leftist groups, including Planned Parenthood,, and Black Lives Matter.

Soros also backs self-proclaimed antifascist groups—this year the Soros-backed group Alliance for Global Justice gave $50,000 to the militant thugs associated with the group Refuse Fascism. Read Full Article 

Whilst Black Lives Matter directly received $650 Million via Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Hacked Documents show that Soros funded Black Lives Matter 

Democratic Party Terrorism

James Hodgkinson, the shooter of Republican House Majoiry Whip, Steve Scalise and three others, first identified and then shot the Republicans at a baseball game in Virginia earlier this year for no other reason their political affiliation to the Republican party. It was an ideologically driven act of mass violence (terrorism).

Hodgkinson was a supporter of Bernie Saunders. And whilst it would be unconvincing to lay the blame for that act of domestic terrorism on Sanders, it is not unreasonable to claim that the current culture of political violence was fermented & initiated by the Democratic Party – starting with the orchestration of violence at Trump rallies, which were planned & organized by Democratic Party operatives and paid for by George Soros.

James O’Keefe of Project Vertitas expose Democratic Party operatives orchestrating violence at Trump rallies.

Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi & Maxine Waters have not only consistently failed to denounce leftist violence against Trump and his supporters; they have infact poured fuel on such violence with their violent rhetoric. Likewise, when CNN describes a Black Lives Matter as ‘activists’, they legitimize the culture of violence the left currently enjoys.

The Democratic Party; George Soros & the liberal media are currently organizing; financing & legitimizing domestic terrorism in America.

If they are going to cast the domestic terrorism net and label right wing groups, ‘terrorist organizations’, the failure to include left wing groups with a much more convincing track record for the label, would do nothing but prepare the ground for a broader and expanding civil conflict.

Camille Paglia on Trump, liberals, transgenders, and jihad

New interview with Camille Paglia in the Weekly Standard, in which she delves into the current derangement of our society and the media complicity thereof… plus why Trump won and will keep on winning as the Democrats keep on whining.


On Trump’s detractors:

There seems to be a huge conceptual gap between Trump and his most implacable critics on the left. Many highly educated, upper-middle-class Democrats regard themselves as exemplars of “compassion” (which they have elevated into a supreme political principle) and yet they routinely assail Trump voters as ignorant, callous hate-mongers. These elite Democrats occupy an amorphous meta-realm of subjective emotion, theoretical abstractions, and refined language. But Trump is by trade a builder who deals in the tangible, obdurate, objective world of physical materials, geometry, and construction projects, where communication often reverts to the brusque, coarse, high-impact level of pre-modern working-class life, whose daily locus was the barnyard. It’s no accident that bourgeois Victorians of the industrial era tried to purge “barnyard language” out of English.


On the the liberal non-reactions to jihadism:

Citizens have an absolute right to demand basic security from their government. The contortions to which so many liberals resort to avoid connecting bombings, massacres, persecutions, and cultural vandalism to Islamic jihadism is remarkable, given their usual animosity to religion, above all Christianity.


On transgenders:

I am highly skeptical about the current transgender wave, which I think has been produced by far more complicated psychological and sociological factors than current gender discourse allows. Furthermore, I condemn the escalating prescription of puberty blockers (whose long-term effects are unknown) for children. I regard this practice as a criminal violation of human rights.

… Biology has been programmatically excluded from women’s studies and gender studies programs for almost 50 years now. Thus very few current gender studies professors and theorists, here and abroad, are intellectually or scientifically prepared to teach their subjects.


Read the whole thing here.

Islamic Terror: Let Loose The Dogs of War

When I was about 11, there was a novel published entitled, The Churchill Commando. It was the late 1970’s, IRA terrorism was at its height and football violence had become engrained within the fabric of society.

When it was released, the Churchill Commando, which centred around the activities of a right wing death squad, was pawed with by the tabloid press as a fantasy panacea to the ills of the day.

The Churchill Commando by Ted Willis

As someone who lived in the U.K. through the full span of The Troubles as they became affectionately known, our current battle with Islamic terror is so much more serious and concerning. Because unlike the Irish nationalists, there is no political solution we can offer these people; nothing will satisfy them short of complete subjugation under an Islamic Caliphate. But also more worringly, Western societies no longer possess the resolve or means by which to defend themselves, never mind defeat such an enemy. Modern politicians and societies have been left ideological demoralized and all but defenceless due to decades of exposure to cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism has left us defenceless to Islam

In the 1970’s the British government fought a brutal and messy war against Republican terrorists both in Ireland and on the mainland. It was a protracted clandestine war of terror which included political assassinations; pub bombing; snipers and IED’s.

The British army operated an offensive front in N. Ireland via special forces units and through Unionist organizations such as the Ulster Voulenteer Force (UVF) & Ulster Defence Association (UDA). These units would be fed intelligence on Republican operatives & would be supplemented with army personnel, which would then target and assassinate active IRA members. For a number of years the British government also operate an internment policy, whereby nationalist operatives and activists could be detained on the basis of intelligence alone.

This is the sort of war we will need to fight against domestic Islamic extremism in order to defeat it and erradicate it from our societies. However, things have changed since the 1970’s; our societies are a perfect reflection of the hang-wringing cucked man-bitches they seem determined to produce, and so you have to wonder whether we are capable of winning such a fight?

An Enemy Within

It turns out that the Manchester Arena suicide bomber attended a radical local moque where his brother was a preacher; his dad was a fundraiser and Al Qaeda affiliate, and the family had just returned from a holiday to the jihadi playground formerly known as Libya. This family, who were first offered a home in Britain as they fled Gaddafi’s regime, not only betrayed every law of hospitality and gratitude, but they all should have been well on the radar of the security services.

Last night’s Islamic terror attack in South London, employed the more crude methods already hallmarked by ISIS operatives – vehicles and knives, but no doubt they will have been nurtured in communities that shared their ideology and received support from others not yet identified.

A recent ICM poll revealled that a staggering 66% of British Muslims would not inform the authorities of a terror plot. Which raises another issue: these bombers do not exist in isolation; statistics show that the communities they come from support them in alarming numbers on a series of issues associated with Islamic radicalization.

66% of British Muslims wouldn’t tell authorities about a terror plot. 

Why the ICM poll shows we need to defend our values more than ever.

These operatives, like any other military set up, are merely the business end supported by other extremists who share their ideology of intolerance and subjugation of host societies through violence.

Islam is rotten with violence, from the teachings and example set by the Prophet during his life, to the action of the South London attackers.

So we should not be surprised then these things happen. We have invited in a killer to dine with our family, whilst our politicians lie about the nature and intention of our guest.

Crossing The Rubicon

At this stage, a political will is required to defend & save our societies.

It’s either targeted hits, internment & deportation, as we saw in Northern Ireland in the 1970’s, or it’s Bosnia 2.0 for our children’s generation.

There is something galling about the prospect of sending your children to war to save the society of people who continue to support Islamic immigration despite all the evidence that it will eventually kill them.

Conversely, Islamists in Britain fail to appreciate how bad this could get for their communities very quickly. At approximately 4% of the population, any civil conflict is certain eradication. They are afforded a sense of immunity and safety by an ideologically imposed culture of seemingly infinate tolerance.

Just under the surface, however, is a tribal culture of brutality and a military wing that perfected paramilitary warfare during the 30 year war against the IRA. They know who they are, and they know where they live. That’s all they need. This is how business is done once you get to this level.

Theresa May now needs to let the dogs off the chain and give these guys a mauling, otherwise nationalist paramilitary warfare awaits.

Obama’s New Low: Pimping for the E.U.

Whilst some might still be puzzled by the former U.S. President’s recent plea to French voters to cast their vote for Emmanuel Macron, the almost transparent desperation is visible for all.

The first obvious question is: why should an ex U.S. President care who wins the French election, and secondly: what business is it of his anyway?

But this is not the first time Barry has directly tried to effect a foreign election.

Barack Obama: Britain must vote to remain in the European Union

Barack Obama has urged Britain to stay in the European Union, saying that the sacrifice of his country’s soldiers during the Second World War means America has a stake in the referendum debate. Read More

As we reported at the time, during the Brexit campaign, both Obama and Canada’s Trudeau made public statements supporting the campaign for Britain to remain in the E.U. Brexit: Farage Gets Busy Smaking Bitchez Around

Which surely falls within the sphere of meddling in a foreign election? Not cool according to Barry’s Democrats. However, unlike the Russian hacking allegations – for which there has to date, been no evidence provided to support the allegations, Barry has provided us with video testimony of his cringeworthy attempted meddling. And if this is what’s happening on the surface, you have to wonder what else was going on behind the scenes?

Let’s be clear, Barry who just took $400,000 for a speech to a Wall St. firm, is now transparently pimping an E.U federalist message with the all the class and conviction of a hockey player selling tyres.

To argue that he is anything but an errand boy for the globalist agenda seems futile.

Importing Islam: The Case For Treason

At this stage, no one needs to make the case against Islamic immigration, that was ten years ago.

Nowadays the case makes itself. Today we make the case for treason.

Progressive politicians like Merkel, Trudeau, Obama, Hollande & Blair, who serve the open borders globalist model above the interests of those who elected them, must know that when power is finally wrestled from them, there’s a good to firm chance they will find themselves on trial for treason.

The ideological hubris that consumes this current generation of leaders suggests that a crisis point will be required before our societies can be rescued, and in reaching that point it appears almost inevitable now that there will be a heavy price to pay. If so, we can expect the appetite for reckoning amongst future generations, to be ‘healthy’ to say the least.

It’s not like they had no idea what they were doing, or after a certain point, what the results of their policies would be; no one could convincingly argue that as a defence in a court. Europe is already swimming in data that demonstrates the suicidal folly of importing yet more Islam to compliment a well established culture of weekly Islamic terror.

The argument that they did not read the warning signs will not provide a defence. On the contrary, instead of failing to read the usual markers that indicate danger, they have done their best hide those markers from sight and convince their passengers that all is well despite the growing catalogue of random mass murder that has nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with its adherents.

You have to wonder how politicians like Merkel expect the decision to admit 800,000 migrants (75% male according to the U.N.) in 2015 alone, expect to escape the harsh judgement of history?

The Scientific Model

Here’s an idea: rather than test out their ideological theories on live functioning societies, the sensible thing would have been to conduct a controlled experiment under scientific conditions on a remote island. Ask for volunteers and set the duration of the study at 100 years. Establish a population ratio at 10:1 and run the model society experiment whilst studying early data results for trends.

Bearing in mind that most of those making up the domestic population of the experiment would be liberals eager to prove its success, I have no doubt that those who volunteer for this experiment will be pulling the escape chord way before then; probably 10-15 years in; with lesbians and homosexual men being the first to be extracted from the dystopian Big Brother island of progressive ideology within 1-2 years max.

These predictions might seem grandiose, but with a working knowledege of both Islam and the ideologically impaired liberal left, they are fairly easy to make.

After a hundred years, they could draw conclusions and publish their findings; after which they could sell their model for a progressive multi-cultural utopia to any functioning societies interested in adopting it.

I have no doubt that if the process was navigated in such a manner, no one would be looking to adopt their model.

The New World

From the New World’s perspective, following in the footsteps of France,Germany or Sweden is the sociological equivalent of embarking upon an experiment, when the results of other identical experiments are already available for study.

The denial of the ideologue works something like this:

‘Studies have shown that if you put a match to petrol, it explodes… ‘

‘If I do it, it’ll be different.’ 

Really? Such confidence in the face of an avalanche of evidence to the contrary. Here’s the same arrogant ideological mindset applied to another fallacy, Communism.

Here in Canada, Trudeau’s plans for the Islamization of the country are being coercively delivered via the expectant dildo of decency and a gaslighting media.

No other western politician gets as visibly giddy as Trudeau when he hears the word Islam, or sees a pretty girl in a niqab, or a Taliban beard in Mississauga pregnant with religious intolerance.

To many Canadians, the recent passing of M103, the anti-Islamaphobia motion, seemed like overkill, but it starts to make more sense if you view it as not being designed to address the current situation in Canada, but in preparation for what is planned – an engineered tsunami of Muslim migrants.

Mass Immigration & The Working Class.

It’s hard to understand how progressives fail to appreciate a fairly simple series of policy decisions that have led them to the point where populations are abandoning their policies and parties en masse across the western world.

In an astounding display of conceited arrogance, the progressive left within the western labour parties, including the DNC, have abandoned their traditional working class support bases in favour of a migrant class; essentially neglecting the spouse with whom they built the family in order to chase a younger mail order bride, whilst expecting the wife to remain loyal and invite the young lover in to share their home… Yeah, right buddy.

Another related issue they consistently fail to engage on, are the effects large scale immigration has on the working poor of a country. What do they expect will happen to low paid wages with the mass importation of low skilled migrants, whose fate now falls under the law of supply and demand? With too many people chasing a few low paid jobs, wages fall; no amount of minimum wage will stop that. In fact seeking a minimum wage whilst championing liberal immigration policies, has to be the policy definition of insanity.

And so all too predictably the working classes of western progressive societies have abandoned them for right wing nationalist parties who actually have their interests at heart.

People will continue to vote into power those necessary to save society from ‘progress’, when that progress is the disenfranchisement and de-structuring of the target culture, which they call home.

In Europe, progressive policies have sown the seeds for what now appears to be an unavoidable continental civil war that will look like Bosnia 2.0 on steroids. At this stage Europeans have two choices: either wrestle back their societies from globalist errand boys and their Islamic thugs, or they go quietly to the slaughterhouse.

Leaders and governments who want to continue with mass Islamic immigration should be forced to implement it at gunpoint and in the full knowledge that if they are unsuccessful, a trial for treason awaits.

Trudeau #Scumbag

A lesbian is heartlessly pushed to the back by Justin’s rampant lust for Islam

Well, we didn’t need a guy with a camcoder in Winnipeg to tell us that Trudeau was a scumbag, but full credit to that man for opening the dialogue. #Scumbag

Josh Sigurdson of the World Alternative Media confronted an uncomfortable looking Trudeau on his carbon tax policy at a press conference, calling him a ‘scumbag’ and declaring ‘shame on you and your globalist counterparts’ as he was ushered from the room.

This incident was the latest sign that the Canadian public are waking up to the reality that life under Trudeau is less like going out with the dreamiest guy on campus, and more a futuristic distopian novel about life under a tyranny of decency; delivered in warm tones by the state broadcaster, which is now actively listing criticism of Islam as ‘Islamophobia’ CBC now labels comments criticizing Islam as “Islamophobic” 

Sigurdson set an example to all Canadians unhappy with Trudeau’s plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars turning the country into Sweden – a failed state in waiting. This ‘dialogue’ is essential; Trudeau needs to be told what a scumbag he is.

Carbon Tax? Trudeau is a cultural cuckold & carrier for the Islam virus

Whether we are talking about carbon tax, generous foriegn aid or mass Islamic immigration, progressive zealots like Trudeau are consumate cucks for whom ideology trumps both reality and elected office.

If Trudeau and his globalist cohorts want to destroy this country, then it is our duty to make it as difficult as possible for them; lay down a heavy barrage of hashtags on his globalist ass for the weaponized autism of 4 Chan to turn its collective mind upon; Tweet him @JustinTrudeau; tag him on Facebook. E.g.  Who was this photo taken with?  A: Trudeau #scumbag.

We made Brexit & Trump a reality, so we should be able to take this clown down, no problem. #Scumbag #MCGA #PresidentPoolBoy

Iqra Khalid & M103: Thank You From The Right

After some contemplation in the wake of the passing in parliament of Liberal M.P Iqra Khalid’s M103 Islamaphobia motion, we would like to thank her.

We’re confident that Khalid and her Islamist colleagues together with President Pool Boy and his clique of white liberal cuckolds, envisaged the effect of their motion to act as a wet blanket under which they would quietly smother any growing unease at the rapid Islamization of Canada in its infancy.


Instead, it would appear that the effect of this motion, which is legally described as a guard dog without teeth (why have one then?) has had completely the opposite effect, and woken a sleeping population to both the creeping threat of domestic Islam and the mental health issues of progressives.

In fact, here’s a prediction that is easy to make: M103 will lead to a ten fold increase in ‘Islamophobia.’

Khalid’s motion to ‘quell’ Islamophobia without even a legal definition is an insult to the rationale of a rapidly growing number of Canadians. People are red pilling on social media faster than Ebola in the Congo basin; nationalist movements around the world are turning their gaze and their guns on progressive Canada, as it skips off down the path from grandma’s house, that leads it to the same sorry fate as Sweden.

If Khalid’s intention was to bring the special needs status already enjoyed by Islam to the attention of all Canadians, she could not have planned it better.

The tide is turning against Trudeau’s zealotry and progressive agenda in the wake of M103 even faster than we could have dreamt. And for all of this, we have Iqra Khalid & M103 to thank.

Not only do both Khalid and Trudeau appear to have overplayed their hand, but we are confident that, once the public opinion stats start rolling in, we will see some serious back peddling from the Trudeau government in an attempt to avoid defeat at the next General Election in two years, which may well include having to throw Khalid under the bus to do so.

M103 is also acting as rocket fuel to the Conservative leadership race; the passing of M103 has chemically separated the cucks like Michael Chong, from pragmatic nationalists like Kellie Leitch. We predict that Conservative Party membership will see a sharp rise in wake of the passing of this motion; instantaneously transforming dormant laissez-faire conservatives into highly motivated activists. So, from the swelling ranks of the red pilled right of Canada, Thank You.

Progressives like Trudeau are merely the worker bees of cultural Marxism, carrying the eggs of Islam into the hive to accelerate the colony’s collapse. But when it comes to weaponizing public opinion against you and your party, Iqra Khalid is the queen; and Canadians are now seeing this in large enough numbers to make a difference.

You have sown the wind, and now you shall reap the whirlwind.

M103: Canadian Stealth Tyranny

An Islamist And Her Cuckold

By this point it should not be news to many that elements within Trudeau’s liberal government are putting forward a motion, that they say is aimed at tackling, or more specifically, ‘quelling’ the ‘hatred and fear’ associated with Islamaphobia.

M-103, which was tabled by Iqra Khalid in December 2016 and calls on the government to ‘recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear’ had its first debate in the house last week. During which Khalid compared the faux plight of modern Muslims with the Holocaust for Jews.

Mississauga, Ont., MP Iqra Khalid, who led debate in the House of Commons tonight on M-103, said the common definition of Islamophobia is “the irrational hate of Muslims that leads to discrimination,” and that her motion must not remove the word.

“I will not do so, any more than I would speak to the Holocaust and not mention that the overwhelming majority of victims were six million followers of the Jewish faith and that anti-Semitism was the root cause of the Holocaust,” she said. “We cannot address a problem if we fail to call it by its true name.”  Read Article

There are a couple of things however that should concern every Canadian citizen.

Firstly, let’s just get into the semantics here for a moment, as not surprisingly, that’s where a lot of motions and laws actually lie. Quelling hate involves forcefullness & implies violence; whilst quelling fear requires an opposite kind of skill set: reassurance.

No prizes for guessing which interpretation the anti-Islamaphobia motion will offer any progressive lucky enough to possess it in their arsenal.

Secondly, there exists no legal definition of what Islamaphobia actually is… No really; there is no clear definition. Surely you would need a legal definition before basing a motion upon it? Apparently not, not in a world made up of feelings and ideological imperative.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims did offer a definition which could provide some reassurance.

In an op-ed on CBC’s website, Amira Elghawaby, the communications director at the National Council of Canadian Muslims provided a definition to the term Islamophobia… as referring to the irrational fear and hatred of Muslims, which can lead to discrimination and violence. Read Full Article

Like a growing number of people, I can safely demonstrate that my fear of Islam is completely rational and based on a mountain of evidence streaming in daily from across the liberal Western world as to the incompatibility of Islam and its adherents with our values and societal model. This evidence is undeniably made up of a culture of violence, intolerance and intimidation. So you have to ask yourself, why would progressive governments be seeking to offer protected status to such a flawed and destructive import?

The nearest thing the red pilled right actually have is a critical definition often wrongly accreditted to the late Christopher Hitchens.










But we doubt this is the definition the Liberal Party will be operating from.

As we have previously covered in Trudeau’s Tyranny of Decency, the recorded number of attacks against Muslims or their property in Canada is lower than it is for Jews, or even Catholics. Therefore, the desire for anti-Islamaphobia legislation must be politically based, as the figures do not support legal intervention to address a crisis of any recognizable size.

Who would look at Europe and say, ‘Let’s have some of that over here’?

We need to call out the Islamists establishing a foothold in Canada. I personally know many progressive Canadaians who are able to look at the undeniable but avoidable mess Europe has gotten itself into and say, ‘it will be different here; Canada is special; we possess a multicultural exceptionalism that makes us immune to the same failures that have befallen Europe.’ It’s a stance that I find repulsively naive & arrogant.

Canada has no experience of large scale Islamic immigration, and given the lack of former colonies and the progressive zealotry of our current leadership, the country that Canada is most likely to follow in the footsteps of, is Sweden – a country so multiculturally enlightened that neighbour Norway has contingency plans for its societal collapse Norway Warns Sweden Will Collapse, PM Will Defy Geneva Convention To Protect Border, a country so culturally enriched with third world Islamic immigrants that Wikipedia has a page entitled ‘A List of Grenade Attacks in Sweden.’  Thirty seven in 2016 alone.

I used to say that if you want to get a Canandian to do something, shame them into it; make them feel responsible. Clearly this tradition is not reliable enough for Trudeau and his cohort of Islamists using him to establish a beach head from which to start exerting influence over the host society; coercion & state violence are required.

The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest


Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle.

  • First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country.
  • Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society.
  • Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though Islam is not a ‘race’).
  • High Muslim birth rate in host country increase Muslim population.
  • Mosques used to spread Islam and dislike of host country & culture.
  • Calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime.
  • Threatened legal action for perceived discrimination.
  • Offers of “interfaith dialogue” to indoctrinate non-Muslims.

The Next Three

The Progressive Pecking Order

The progressive pecking order is not something that liberals openly admit exists, but when real life events unfold, it emerges for anyone free of impairment to clearly see.

Progressives like Canada’s Trudeau or Germany’s Merkel would no doubt squirm at the idea that their utopian world view could be broken down into a cynical hierarchy of groups of special interests; an identity interest credit rating if you will.

So, if you’re wondering where you are on the progressive totem pole, we’ve put together a helpful guide with real life examples to back it up.

We are confident that once you adopt this application,  you will be able to apply the progressive pecking order model to any situation and navigate through the deceptive narrative of the liberal left. However, we invite everyone to do their own research; look at which group is protected and which group is thrown under the bus in any clash of interests.

For example, if you’re a white male and you’ve been paying attention, you won’t be surprised to discover that you are at the very bottom. That’s because increasingly everything is ultimately your fault; from the inherent stability of western society, to the rule of law, to everybody else’s problems. You carry the burden of shame. You are the white board onto which all healing is to be worked out on. And ultimately, your sins can only be paid for via the currency of cultural cuckoldry, i.e., you need to stand by and watch whilst everyone else fucks your culture.

The only group white men have below them are Christians.

We’re fairly confident most people are aware of the low status Christians enjoy as we forge this brave new world. If not, it is because the MSM has been conspicuously quiet on the plight of Christians particularly in the Middle East, where they have faced a declared genocide at the hands of those our progressive leaders are so eager to import – Muslims.

Shameful Silence: ABC, CBS and NBC Have Ignored Christian Genocide

Is this the End of Christianity in the Middle East? 

Or take the example of Christian bakers who decided they weren’t comfortable making the cake for a gay wedding. Read Story

Do you think that Muslim bakers would ever be held to the same standard of expectation? Of course not. In the progressive pecking order Islam is at the top because of the damage it can do to target societies is unparalleled. And that is what this is ultimately about for cultural Marxists.

Recent real life events such as the sex attacks in Cologne or the Rotherham child abuse scandal demonstrate clearly the hallowed status Muslims enjoy at the expense of other groups, which occupy lower positions in the hierarchy.

In both cases the sexual crimes of Muslim men were covered up by the police and local authorities in order to protect the perceived public image of that group, and in order not to fall onto the sword of political correctness. Ultimately, whichever way you want to dress it up, the safety and interests of women and children were cynically sacrificed in favour of this group.

The championing of large scale Muslim immigration by western societies, given the growing mountain of evidence to its spectacular failure does not make any rational sense, and therefore we have to conclude that those steering this course are either ideologically insane, or more worryingly, part of a sinister scheme to destabilize western societies. This final conclusions only makes sense when you start to consider the role of globalists and their weapon of choice – Islamic immigration, as a part of an aggressive program of cultural Marxism.

Muslim men are top of the pecking order purely because of their potential to destabilize target societies for the globalists.  

Women’s rights together with gay rights are somewhat of a spent force for cultural Marxists. They were the currency of the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s. Gay is now mainstream; women in western countries are pursuing careers and no longer producing children in significant enough numbers to maintain society. The message being: enjoy yourselves; we’ll import people to wipe your arse when your eighty, and at the same time cynically alter the voting demographic in our favour permanently.

To continue to erode away at western society, new interest groups must be nurtured, which is why Transgender rights are the new frontline for those who wish to reduce western society to a gelatinous grey mush of relativism.  The transgender narrative really is bouncing off the limits of logic.

Despite the reluctance of the left to admit this, we have to credit the swing to the right over recent years in large part to the inconsistency and fallacies the progressive left are coercively attempting to have us adopt; people who possess rationale cannot comfortably consume such indulgences.

So what new frontiers are left to exploit in terms of undermining the stability of society? The final frontier for cultural Marxism in this dimension looks like being the ultimate taboo: pedophilia.

A recent number of articles by progressive flagship publications, including one controversially pulled by Salon, Read More attempting to bring pedophilia in from the cold and sell it as a lifestyle choice, The Pedophile I Could Not Help: He Was Not A Monster suggests that this will be the next battleground for progressives, and a real test of whether populations can be sold anything as progress.

Pedophilia is already the drug of choice for the elites in Washington, London & Hollywood, feeding off ruptured families and ensuring a steady stream of broken souls, whose cost to society is collasal. For cultural Marxists, pedophilia would provide the ultimate weapon against target societies.

Anyone finding this last point hard to accept, needs to ask themselves why the MSM has comprehensively failed to provide coverage of the Trump administration’s arrest of over a thousand pedophiles & child traffickers over the past 6 weeks in operations aimed at rolling up the carpet on a network of child traffickers and pedophile rings that now includes a second tier of a Washington network?

Unreported: Over 1500 pedophile arrests have been made since Trump took office

Since President Donald Trump has been sworn in on Jan. 20, authorities have arrested an unprecedented number of sexual predators involved in child sex trafficking rings in the United States. This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?

As a strong advocate for sex crime victims, I’ve been closely following the pedophile arrests since Trump took office. There have been a staggering 1,500-plus arrests in one short month.

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