Dear Dump Trump petitioners: pay up or shut up

As you probably all know by now, billionaire presidential hopeful Donald Trump has made some suggestions about temporarily banning Muslims from entering the USA until the latest spate of Islamic terror killings dies down, placing his ideas squarely in the realm of such beloved American hero presidents as Franklin Delano Roosevelt (who issued an executive order suspending naturalization proceedings for all German, Japanese, and Italian settlers in the US during World War II) and Jimmy Carter (who banned Iranians in 1979 during the hostage crisis).

Or, if you prefer to get your news from the likes of Cracked, Salon, and your idiot friends on Facebook, German antichrists like Hitler.

Either way, as there is a completely-unrelated-to-the-US-presidential-race Trump Tower under construction here in Vancouver, Trump’s remarks gave a pretext for Vancouverites to take part in their most favorite of hobbies: taking things out of context, declaring differing political opinions as racist, and doing meaningless things to demonstrate their own righteous opposition. Continue reading “Dear Dump Trump petitioners: pay up or shut up”