Trudeau’s Creeping Sharia


Federal liberals are considering moves to outlaw Islamophobia, which will essentially make criticism of Islam illegal with no doubt the same sort of legal weight behind it that was recently bestowed on Transgender issue – ultimately jail time. Read More & More from The Rebel

As in Europe, Trudeau’s Liberal party are rapidly exchanging progressive soft-shelled fascism – the coercive silencing of critics by bullying & shaming, for the more full-blown variety – financially destroying & jailing critics.

Within the European Union, the tyranny of progressive decency is now so rampant that countries like Hungary, who after looking at what has happened in France, have the temerity to say: thanks, but no thanks to immigration quotas, are being told by the E.U. that they will take them or face hundreds of millions of euros in fines.

No doubt the same medium (Facebook) that Islamic purists like ISIS are currently using to sell sex slaves at $8000 a go, will be used here to monitor and ensure that Canadians are not criticizing groups like ISIS or Islamic practices like selling sex slaves; child rape; ethnic genocide or the execution of homosexuals.

What should worry conscious Canadians is that under Trudeau’s tenure, all of this can be achieved with be a smile; a press-up and a mic drop for his ideologically insane audience who will eagerly lap up every ounce of the mandatory decency he can produce.

Trudeau falls into a category of progressive liberal world leaders who claim that Islam is a religion of peace and that ‘terrorism has nothing to do with Islam’ – Hillary Clinton.

There are only two available conclusions to a statement like that: either they are lying, or they are stupid. Sorry, it’s one or the other. All the information is out there and the Islamists themselves are quite open about this reality; the prophet Mohammed himself oversaw the execution 600-900 men and boys. Islam is built upon deception, violence & subjugation.

As Ezra Levant stated during the Rebel event in Vancouver last weekend, rather than the rare occasion of a spectacular terror attack here in Canada, what Canadians should fear is a ‘creeping Sharia’, the grounds for which Trudeau’s current government is actively laying.

The move to silence critics is part of a pattern already established In Europe, and which is providing rich fallow earth for a creeping Sharia here in Canada.

This is a progressive model that for the past 25 years in Europe has taken the form of bullying and shaming, with labels of racism and xenophobia for anyone who took issue with the direction society was heading.

In doing so, the engineers of these policies have set the spring for a nasty visceral backlash, that is only now just starting to gain momentum, and which has manifest itself in the rise of nationalist right wing parties in Europe.

However, instead of addressing those concerns and the growing resentment at policies that do not serve the people or their best interests, progressives like Trudeau, Merkel, Hollande & Clinton are doubling down on the rhetoric and seeking to implement laws which strike at the very heart of freedom of speech.

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