Practical Masculinity: Grayson Vs Grylls


Turner prize-winning & cross-dressing artist, Grayson Perry has questioned the practical masculine skills of TV survival expert Bear Grylls.

“He celebrates a masculinity that is useless,” Perry said. “Try going into an estate agent in Finsbury Park and come out with an affordable flat. I want to see Bear Grylls looking for a decent state school for his child!”

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We have no doubt that the ex-special forces Grylls would fair better than most, and possibly Perry himself, in navigating  the perilous challenge of dealing with an estate agent and finding an affordable flat in Finsbury Park or decent state school for his child – The Horror!


Given the nature and severity of the challenges Bear Grylls already successfully has under his belt, Perry’s comments should seem ludicrous to all but those inside the camp (pun intended) of the campaign to deconstruct masculinity and render all modern men as nothing more than whining man-bitches clinging to safe spaces and banging the nauseating drum of empathetic feminism.

It would be much more entertaining to see Perry try and build a fire out of twigs and teabags, or survive adrift at sea without lipstick and a nail file. You know, real skills.

Grylls’ response: ‘In the wild, quiet courage, humility, persistence and selflessness makes a man and also a woman. That is never outdated.’

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