Where’s the Rage? All You Can Hear Is Crickets



There have been a couple of big international stories over the past week that should have had both feminists & the LGBT community up off their seats in rage.

The first was a story about 250 women that were executed for refusing to become ISIS sex slaves. You know how bent out of shape feminists get over things like man spreading and the patriarchy; everyone knows, they lose their shit! So you would have thought given the severity of this crime against women, that feminist across the globe would outraged by the execution of 250 sisters for refusing to be sex slaves. Apparently not.

Then a few days later, another story, that this time should have had the LGBT community out of their seats in rage: two men hackled to bits by ISIS militants in Bangladesh for being gay. You know how the LGBT community blows its stack over things like gender neutral bathrooms and gay wedding cakes baked by Christians, they lose their shit! So you would have thought that the brutal murder of two gay men in an intolerant oppressive nation for religious reasons would have had them making human chains outside the embassy. Again, not so.

What is it about these two cases that differs from the relatively pedestrian domestic issues of gay cakes & man spreading? It’s race.

Liberal racism is one of the most  perverse forms of racism out there. It basically works like this: We can’t criticize mass murders by Muslims because Muslims are generally brown. People of darker skin are not to be criticized or held to the same standard of expectation because of their politically correct high caste status.

It is also why professional liberals can indulge in that most entertaining of aggregate fallacies – support for Islam & feminism. Which is the ideological equivalent of being secretly married to two people who live in the same street – one day it’s going to get very messy.

But when you control the narrative, you can afford to live in a world of such megalithic inconsistencies. No one is going to point them out, and if they do, you can silence them by calling privilege or racism.

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