Democratic Socialism Explained

There has been a lot of talk about ‘Democratic Socialism’ recently. It can be confusing, as the word ‘democratic’ acts as a delivery device for socialism to a public who may not be comfortable with such ideologies.

Back in the old days of the Soviet Union it was much simpler; in the 1970’s the way to spot a communist country on a map was to look for the word ‘democratic’ in their title, e.g. Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. Learn More.  It was a game we often played as kids with an atlas on rainy afternoons for amusement. However nowadays, with the exception of North Korea, the geopolitical world is much more fractured and complex.

So to navigate the brackish waters of modern political meaning, Steven Crowder has seamlessly woven the disciplines of  politics & comedy to provide a breakdown of exactly what Democratic Socialism entails, whilst also offering more details than either Bernie Saunders or the Democratic Socialists will provide on the subject.

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