The Libya Mystery Solved


For years now it has been an almost constant source of puzzlement. It’s a question that no doubt has kept Benedict Cumberbatch awake at night: Just why did NATO overthrow Col. Gaddafi in 2011 and turn an otherwise stable nation into a Jihadi playground?

Gaddafi had been brought in from the cold after years of isolation and was not only selling his oil to the E.U., but also stemming the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean whilst keeping a heavy lid on radical Islam. He was nothing short of essential to regional security.

I mean, it has never made any sense: Why would they want to destroy a friendly nation who shared and aided its interests?

Well, thanks to documents posted on the U.S. State Department website from recently disclosed  e-mails from Hillary Clinton, it turns out that the real reason for regime change in Libya was to prevent Gaddafi’s plan to launch a gold backed pan-African currency and confiscate Libya’s vast $7 billion reserves of gold and silver.

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