Milo vs. Bill Nye


Breitbart’s fabulously flippant Milo Yiannopoulos lambasts Bill Nye the “Science” Guy and his descent from science edutainment for kiddies into leftist propagandizing:

Let’s get this out of the way at once. Bill Nye’s primary qualification for being “The Science Guy” is that his last name rhymes with the phrase. I like to imagine some brilliant scientist named Phil Frye drunkenly ranting in a bar: “It should have been me!”

Nye is also famous for playing to a number of other pet liberal causes. Surprising no-one, Bill Nye on abortion reads like an engineering undergraduate trying to explain biology. When it comes to abortion, the only thing Nye is qualified to do is manufacture the coat hangers, and even then he’d probably fuck it up by trying to make them out of sustainable “green plastic.”

We love Milo. Next time Comedy Central does a celebrity roast, they should get Milo to MC it.

Mind you, that would probably result in the roastee crying instead of laughing along, but still.

Read the rest here.

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