Barbara Walters needs to get out more

And maybe meet some new people while she’s at it.

Barbara Walters declared Bruce Caitlyn Jenner the “most fascinating person of 2015” in an ABC TV special on Thursday night.


“Through her own transition, Caitlyn Jenner transformed society this year,” Walters added at the end of the special. “And that, for us, makes her the most fascinating person of 2015.”

Not really, Babs, but one supposes when you live in a celebritard bubble it might seem that way.

Read the rest at Breitbart

PS: not to get all catty or anything, but according to TVLine, Barbara’s special was roughly 1/3 as fascinating as an episode of The Big Bang Theory, which is to say, “not very.” And she’s down 29% from last year’s “most fascinating” special.


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