A Google, a Skype, and a Skittle walk into a bar…


Google, being the good little totalitarian bootlickers that they are, has been busily working behind the scenes to find and stamp out thoughtcrime mean things said on the internet (aka any of your standard -ists and -phobics), and their contribution to Big Brother is now ready to launch its all out war on trolls.

Unfortunately for them, 4chan’s /pol/ aren’t taking this lying down. Since Google’s jackboot bot works by blocking pages containing known slurs and bad words, the logical way to undermine it is to substitute those slurs for new slang uses of previously innocuous words. And the best way to get revenge on Google is to use their name as one of them.

And voila: Operation Google.

/pol/ users have vowed to make “Google” the new slur for black folks, “Skype” the new term for Jews, and “Skittle” the new term for Muslims, and that’s just for a start.

Age of Shitlords has the details here, complete with horrendous/hilarious visual memes to illustrate it all.

One thing I noticed, though: they forgot to bash Twitter and feminists. Well, may we humbly suggest that they go together?

From now on, feminazis are to be known as Twitters, eg. “You can always tell a Twitter by her aqua armpit hair and shrill complaints.”

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