Islamic Enrichment: How Much Is Enough?


‘Say when’ as the saying goes.

It’s been a busy week for Islamic murderers in Europe, with the new norm rapidly establishing itself as an attack every 3-4 days by someone from an imported and oppositional culture upon the host nation.

Friday: 84 killed & 200 injured in Nice by an Islamist driving a truck through a crowd.

Monday: 20 injured; 4 seriously in axe attack on a train in Germany, the assailant an 17 year old Islamic extremist and Afghan refugee.  Read More

Tuesday: a woman and two children stabbed for being ‘scantily dressed’ in France. Read More

Friday: a shooting at a German shopping mall. 10 dead; motive still being fought over. Read More

Before that of course it was Brussels; Paris; Orlando; Tunisia; San Bernardino; Egypt; Paris again etc.

Jihadis Gearing Up For A Busy Summer

All this cultural enrichment is getting expensive; we can’t keep up with the body count of benefits it brings. As we mentioned at the time Angela Merkel More Dangerous Than Donald Trump, no doubt this most recent incident will have the German people looking back on Angela Merkel’s decision to open the door to 800,000 migrants (75% of which were men and predominately of military age btw) only last summer, and questioning the sanity of such a clearly reckless decision.

It has already been established that two of the Paris attackers last November used Merkel’s migrant route, and no one will be the least bit surprised if these assailants also turn out to be recipients of Merkel’s refuge.

Merkel Pleads Insanity

This Ramadan, the Ramadan Bombathon chart (no we are not making this up) – a regular feature of every Ramadan nowadays listed a total body count of 1850 for the Holy holiday. Yes, whilst other religions like to dress pine trees with glitter or adorn elephants with garlands, Islam likes to get the slaughter on.

Please Note: these figures do not include the attacks this week.

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 7.13.06 PM

Foreign policy blunders like Libya and Iraq have clearly fuelled the fire of Islam, but the poor excuse that this and the Palestinian issue are the root cause of attacks by French and Belgian nationals or operatives who cynically exploited Mrs Merkel’s road from Syria to Paris in order to engage in Jihad, completely disregards the mandate provided by Islamic scripture to engage in such activities as part of holy duty.

Islam in Europe: How Deep is the Grey Zone?

Europe has a serious problem; one that will inevitably lead to a civil war that will look like Bosnia on steroids. The question is, if we could have predicted this, why do the likes of Merkel, Hollande & Trudeau find the logical progression of their policies so hard to predict? And why are they pursuing policies that do not serve the interests of their people?

2 thoughts on “Islamic Enrichment: How Much Is Enough?

  1. Act of terrorism (according to thefreedictionary): The calculated use of violence against civilians to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in basis; this is done through intimidation or coercion and instilling fear.

    Under the heading ‘all other religions combined’ you do not take into account the regular shootings in America by police and civilians. Why is this?

    Recently the US government bombed 85 innocent Syrian civilians? Why is this figure not included? This figure, incidentally, is higher even than the Paris, Orlando or Munich attacks.

    Also the section headed ‘attacks by Islamophobes’ doesn’t seem to take into account the now regular attacks by white British people on Muslim and European immigrants following the Brexit vote.

    These attacks are all aimed at civilians for political, religious or ideological reasons.

    Please either provide a suitable explanation for their omission or else update your chart and factcheck in advance before posting propaganda and masquerading it as fact.


  2. Why would we include shootings by police and civilians under the category ‘All other religions’, when the shootings are not religiously motivated? Regular attacks by British white people? Please provide figures.


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