Brexit: Hate Crimes


A lot of media coverage have been given to the rise in racist abuse and attacks since the Brexit vote to Leave the E.U. on June 23rd. This rise has been given plenty of column space and air time, even here in Canada where the loyally progressive CBC radio ran, not one, but two pieces in one day, which followed a dressing down for Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau for meddling in British politics. Read More

The majority of incidents reported have taken the form of verbal abuse, with a small number of physical attacks. Britain has seen a rise in recorded numbers of attacks from 63 to 331 over the period. Read More

A social media page has been set up entitled Worrying Signs and the incidents have been capitalized upon to continue the campaign against the Leave camp in the wake of the result. More

What has not been given anything like the same kind of attention, were the death threats made to UKiP leader, Nigel Farage.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 11.07.55 AM

Or the threats made to Labour party members in the wake of the vote of no confidence in leadership of opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, which included threats to kill the children of those involved in an attempt to unseat the Labour leader after his dismal handling of Labour’s campaign to Remain. Read More

Those who maintain that this spike in racist behaviour is the direct result of the Brexit have got this the wrong way around; the decades of failed policies that saw the poor ideologically abandoned in favour of migrants and the practice of stigmatizing those with valid concerns in regards to the policies pursued by both the E.U. and progressive left over the past 25 years are responsible for BOTH the Brexit result and the spike in racist assaults.



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