Little Englander Disease Spreading


O.k. so this is how it goes: if you don’t want to be part of the European Union, you  are a Little Englander – a small minded bigot, a xenophobe and racist. It matters little that you can to communicate practical & philosophical reasons why you oppose the creation of a bureaucratic superstate build upon collective surrendering of sovereignty; or why you don’t think it’s a good idea being part of a stagnating and restrictive trading block; or why you have an issue with an unelected commission imposing immigration quotas under pain of financial duress.

None of that matters, because those on the liberal left who want you to be part of this brave experiment in collective failure have built their entire political & ideological modus operandi on slur slinging and coercive spin.

At this stage being called a bigot or a racist by these gameless tub-thumping clowns should be seen as a compliment.

They should really be asking themselves why they find themselves bedfellows with progressive Conservatives like Cameron – who is clearly doing the bidding of a shadow elite. Or why they, the same people who opposed globalization 10 years ago are now so eager to be part of an E.U. superstate? Or why Barrack Obama did an Op-Ed in the Daily Telegraph to remind British people that their best interests lie in Europe? No agenda there then.

Well, it seems that Little Englander disease is now spreading throughout Europe.

According to a series of recent Pew Research polls (lefties hate polls), anti-Brussels sentiment has risen sharply all across Europe over the past year thanks to a toxic combination of economic stagnation and the mismanagement of the migrant crisis

Full Article & Pew Research Report

It would appear that this ideological sickness is spreading and the recorded cases of Little Spaniards and Little Greeks disease are rising, with a significant number of cases also being reported in Germany.

There are two areas in particular where attitudes towards the E.U. are poor to say the least: the handling of the immigration crisis and economy. With nearly 94% of Greeks and 88% of Swedes saying that they disapprove of the way the E.U. is handling the immigration crisis, and a majority in Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden & the U.K saying that they disapprove of the way the E.U. has handled the economic crisis.

In a sign that Europe’s publics increasingly want an end to the principle of ‘ever closer union’, more than twice as many people surveyed – some 42 per cent – said they wanted powers returned to their national parliaments than said they wanted powers transferred to Brussels.

As the British head to the polls, just 6% of the public in the UK wants such an outcome. And only 8% of Greeks favour more power for the EU. The strongest backing for an ever closer Europe is only 34%, in France

Someone needs to explain to them that their condition is in direct relation to their inherent racism and xenophobia, and nothing to do with practical experience living under a collapsing E.U.

Remember, in progressive ideology: if the dream is correct, reality must be made to fit.

Ivan Penaluna

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