Merkel Pleads Insanity


It would appear, and as reported, in the light of recent figures suggesting that over 60% of Germans feel that Islam has no place in Germany, the open border immigration policies that Angela Merkel’s government drove home to Germans last autumn have started to have their obvious and predictable consequences.

Obvious and predictable to all but her it would seem. Now she is furiously back peddling as she realizes that her drunken policies might not only destroy her country, but also her career.

With her country’s political landscape shifting significantly before her, Angela Merkel has now put her political hat on in order to survive politically in Germany.

As France 24 reports, Angela Merkel is urging European Leaders to protect the EU’s external borders or risk a “return to nationalism.” Merkel said the “freedom of movement” in Europe is at stake as it deals with the worst migration crisis since WWII.

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And it does pose the very valid question: If other people could see the folly of last summer’s open door policy, why weren’t those with infinitely greater resources and knowledge aware of the mistakes they were making at the time?

Without question, back-peddling on such a serious failure should be viewed with nothing but contempt. Of course she should pay with her political career, but given the culturally invasive nature of the seeds they have sown, leaders like Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande & the E.U. policy commissioners – who continue to coerce sovereign nations into taking refugee quotas they do not want – should now be looking in the rear view mirror for charges of treason appearing on the horizon.

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