Why No One Will EVER Vote Green


The Green Party of Canada likes to think outside the box. They don’t want to be labelled or seen by Canadians as ‘conventional’. No, they are progressive. So progressive in fact, that they don’t actually know what they stand for.

While every other major political party in Canada uses the obvious emblem the maple leaf as part of their party logo, the Greens have chosen something else. One can’t be sure what it is though. Is it a carnation perhaps? Is it some kind of New Age cosmic wheel? Is it one of those 3D pictures you are supposed to stare at until you see the hypnotizing eyes of mother earth looking back at you?


What ever the logo may be, it is obviously perfect because it captures what the Green party of Canada is: Lost.
They are lost in the clouds of their confused minds.

What are they? What is their focus? What do they stand for? Are they an environmental movement as their party name would suggest? If so, why is their logo a swirling yellow space tunnel?

No Canadian in their right minds (or not) will ever vote for the Green Party of Canada because the Greens clearly don’t know what the Greens themselves stand for and their logo is proof.

A logo is a symbol. Symbols are humanities oldest form of language. They communicate thoughts and ideas to even the illiterate. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.

Canadian back packers around the world can be spotted by the maple leaf on their backs. This is to differentiate them from Americans.

A logo can also sum up a political party’s platform. The maple leaf is the universally understood symbol of Canada and the colour green has been deliberately associated with environmental issues because it is the colour of trees, grass and most plants.


If you can’t see that a GREEN maple leaf is the obvious choice of logo for the GREEN party of Canada, then you have no business running the country or having any position of leadership.

So before the Greens can ever hope to enter the House of Commons, they first need to open the door to the House of Common Sense.

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