A Tale of Two Cities


When it comes to theories about why Europe is currently suffering the sort of problems it is, the progressive left are still working from the outdated 70’s mantra that all of this is due to not very clever people getting upset about immigrants stealing jobs and looking for someone to blame.

This one dimensional, over simplified position illustrates how far they’ve had to developed their thinking since the 1970’s.

Contrast this position with the clarity and depth of understanding displayed by Douglas Murray, Peter Hitchens or Rex Murphy on the crisis in Europe and it is quite clear who has been doing some serious thinking on the subject.

For decades the left has controlled the narrative and shamed into silence or shouted down anyone who had legitimate concerns over mass Muslim immigration. They could simply post it in, over dinner parties and in bars, knowing that they would not be challenged or have to examine their porous position. Such was the power of the self-policing liberal tyranny, especially in Europe. No one dared say anything.

But in doing so they have slowly set the spring for a backlash that is only now just starting to gain momentum. This reality is, of course, unlikely to ever occur to them.  And as the situation becomes undeniably unsustainable for all but the most ideologically insane, what we are increasingly hearing and seeing is panic from those who have helped create the mess and feel that the tide is turning against them. You know something’s deeply awry when you see a piece by George Soros in The Guardian.

They have been willing helpers in the engineered destruction of European culture by our political & financial elite through a program of Coercive Engineered Migration. The only nations not drinking the Kool-Aid ironically are the former Soviet block countries, who were spared decades of societal erosion from a program of sustained cultural marxism. And that must be embarrassing.

The leaders of Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary are not xenophobic fascists for resisting the same fate for their nations as German, Belgium or France. This is not about jobs or scapegoating minorities in hard times. This is simply now about the survival of Western culture and putting an end to failed policies that are destroying otherwise stable societies.


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